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  1. am i too late to get on this cciv train?
  2. Love to tag along to learn and make cash
  3. Have a buddy way up at J.P. Morgan said get in on IPOE. Don’t know nothing about stocks. He does. So take that info as you will.
  4. I am not seeing this that all. I have buy sell Change to limit. Than ask me a limit price.
  5. Sorry. Thought I had it. So my question is limit order. Good for the day or good for 60 days? limit price? Do I just pick a price I will pay? I just want 1000 shares. Click and buy
  6. Can I get on this penny game on e trade. Every time I try to buy it says error. Do as a limit?!?! where can I click and buy
  7. Brady and Gronk are tied with Montana/Rice for most playoff TDs, maybe try to break it today. Gronk TD +175
  8. Chubb o/9.5 receiving yards. Look at Chubbs last 5 games.
  9. Jefferson Over 70.5 Great spot for Jefferson as he should be matched up against Marshon Lattimore who ranks just 97th at the cornerback position this year according to PFF.com. Look for him to potentially grab a big chunk of these yards beating him on a deepball. Jefferson grew up in St. Rose, Louisiana, just 20 minutes from the Superdome where he starred at Destrehan High School. And he is on pace to beat the NFL record for receiving yards as a rookie, needing just 132 more yards. This should give Kirk Cousins another reason to pepper him with targets today.
  10. Rodgers over. 2.5 at + money. worth a shot dude wants the MVP
  11. 1 Ohio State has scored o20.5 every game this season in the first half and I expect it to continue here. OSU TT 1 half - over 19.5 TT 2. Bama has score over 45 points ONCE in a champiohship/bowl game in school history. Going with history here Bama UNDER 45.5 TT
  12. Willie Snead over 2.5 catches. 4 catches for 64 yards Wk 1 vs. CLE. 3+ catches in 4 straight games. Keep it going tonight.
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