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  1. I had a subscription a long time ago.  I find that i mostly play in leagues with a format: 16 teams, 35-43 man rosters, extensive IDP, contracts for players, annual RFA auctions, weekly FA bidding, sometimes a Franchise Tag, an annual contract cap, a 10-13 player DTS squad, and an 8 round rookie draft.


    The content here is good, but i have found that i don’t do much redraft, and weekly start / bench information doesn’t generally sway my approach to my line-up.


    The two things this site does that i really value are the Bloom 100 And Bramel’s combined board.  I used to buy Waldman’s RSP (I know, not directly affiliated), but with the chance to pick usually only 8 rookies and the general uncertainty around them, I found $25 to be more than I wanted to spend.


    In the end, the content is great.  It’s informative.  It’s entertaining (probably it’s biggest value), but I don’t feel like it helps me win anywhere near as much as my experience in managing the economics of my leagues.  How much do I value contract years in terms of annual dollar allotments, and per each position.  How much is each rookie pick worth.  Etc.  all of that is stuff I know, and when combined with player news and depth charts, seems to carry my fortunes along pretty well.


    Keep doing what you are doing.  It’s great stuff.  It’s just not something I want to spend money on.  Somewhere in my 40’s I guess I got cheap! :D

  2. On 1/31/2018 at 4:44 PM, msudaisy26 said:

    I love how everyone loves to point out the 11 - 5 without Brady in 08 and the 3 - 1 with JG and Brissett, but everyone forgets that Bill was 6 and 14 until Bledsoe got hurt and Brady took over. For the record they are both the best of all time.

    Brady taking over and the team starting to win was the catalyst that helped Belichick’s system take root.


    This debate is a problem because both men helped each other evolve into the great contributer they are now.  In NE we loved both early on and people have been debating if one or the other is the GOAT at what they do since 2007.  They’re both great, and that’s good enough for me.

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  3. On 1/30/2018 at 11:28 AM, Gally said:

    So one handed catches don't count until a 2nd hand touches the ball?  What if a second hand never touches the ball?  OBJ catch and then hand to official never using a second hand....

    Sure, one handed catches...of course.  Did I imply somewhere that what I posted should be the entirety of the catch rule?

    My point is merely that if a receiver has a ball firmly between his mits, is in bounds and breaks the plane, the play should be done at that point, just like any othe TD play.


    with respect the Cal, i hear what you are saying.  That’s the road that brought us to where we are now, though, and that’s the rub.  There are many points of debate there, for sure.  I think the line of demarcation needs to be:  when, during the catch process, does the receiver become a runner.  As soon as that happens, TD.  And that’s what the NFL can’t seem to get right.

  4. If we're not calling him Johnny Viking in May I'll be very disappointed.

    Team me too.

    They'll need to trade up. He won't make it out of the top 5 unless he face plants in the evaluation process or maybe if Mariota changes his mind.

    You got to consider 4 of the top 5 teams in the draft need a QB. 3 of those franchises have needed a QB for a long time and those franchises could use an injection of excitement a guy like Manziel would provide (Raiders, Browns, Jags). The 4th team is the Texans whose fan base would likely go nuts if Johnny only had to travel about an hour and half down the state to start his NFL career. Not saying he'll be picked as a marketing ploy either, he'll be picked based on his merits as player but I can't see ownership of some of these teams not being excited about the excitement he could bring to a franchise/fan base.

    I could be completely misreading things, but I don't think Cleveland takes him. Hoyer is their starter heading into 2014. And he'll be good.

    Brian Hoyer who would still be backing up Tom Brady if Ryan Mallett hadn't won the job?

  5. - Get a Hot dog steamer. Cheap to operate and supply. If it goes over well get a second one and do bratwurst out of it.

    - Host some dart teams/ a dart league

    - if you are going to add 'craft beer' add canned stuff like Dale's Pale Ale, Old Chub, Yella Pils, etc., plus get on the Narragansett and PBR kick that's sweeping around.

    - Get hot chicks in. Maybe a little more PG than strippers wearing lingerie, but find a way to get them in. Pay them to hang out and mingle.

    - get some beer pong tables and put them out. People can use them for 'beer' pong (water in the cups, drinking beer from what is sold) or Flip Cup.

    - What do you do for music? Jukebox can make some cash

    - Punching bag game

    - Sell gummy bear 'shots' (soak gummies in flavored vodka for a day or 2). Wimmens love them.

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