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  1. Don't post like this. I don't know what you think I meant by this post and I get that. I suck at English at times. I should have used the Rosetta Stone or the Enigma perhaps. My point was you need to be a highly intelligent linguistic master because I'm told when Trump was saying "Coronavirus is a hoax by the liberal media" he actually meant "I knew this was a dangerous pandemic and was doing everything I could to combat it". I don't want to be a trouble because it's the last thing anybody needs. I've always like you and the misunderstanding, if there was one, doesn't change that. I'll self quarantine from here like my GB's @Ditkaless Wonders @Henry Ford @TobiasFunke and countless others but wanted to at least make sure you understood the point of my post.
  2. People that teach sign language to apes and dolphins and stuff are the only ones who can understand Trump.
  3. On the bright side it looks like we've moved on from the lie "this is all a hoax by the liberal media." Now, ask yourself, what have been the consequences of this lie?
  4. That's really great. Thank you. You're a better man than me. Of course that's really not that big of a compliment.
  5. We've spent 133 MILLION so far so Trump can golf.   SO TRUMP CAN GOLF
  6. I have on good authority he has a large stockpile of long haired fluffy white cats.
  7. Now I want pigs in a blanket and I don't have any.
  8. https://www.politico.com/states/florida/story/2020/03/24/dumbest-s-desantis-takes-heat-as-he-goes-his-own-way-on-coronavirus-1268818 Good God. 😞 😢
  9. It's absolutely terrifying that he picks an arbitrary date which he followers will honor as the all clear signal. It's like one of these commercials.
  10. Boy this Dicken's guy really liked to keep his butt covered didn't he?
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