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  1. I like Kirk for the balance of the year. Sure his targets aren't as high as 'd like, but a stat line of 8/135/2 through 2 games is solid. Definitely a nice flex. I scooped him up for flex to replace Waddle because I'm concerned about no Tua and Fuller V coming back. He should tee off against JAX this week. Arizona offense is potent enough to accommodate multiple pass catchers.
  2. Fortunately, season 2 of rentals also went very well. We got to enjoy OCMD from April through June, had 8 straight weeks of rentals starting around July 4th, and are back down today after the last renters left. The place is very clean and practically free of damage. Minor issue in that a few of the blinds on the sliding glass door to the balcony were damaged and need replacing. I was relieved that this was the only noticeable issue so far. Slight concern in that our rental agency Coldwell Banker was purchased by Vacasa. I’m typically not resistant to change, but I’m a bit wary. I just want everything to be the same, but have some suspicions based on some heavy marketing conjecture so far. We’ll see. Happy to be able to enjoy into October. Anyone on the fence, I’d highly recommend the second home/rental approach. If you can link up with a good agency in a nice location, it can work out pretty well.
  3. Sorry if already discussed. Family of 4 here. All iPhone users. None of us opted in for covid exposure notifications through iPhone and/or downloaded a state app. I read that recent iOS updates make it so you don’t need to opt in or have an app, through Bluetooth technology and random pinging, you’ll get an Apple covid notification when someone reports covid positive and you were in range of their phone within the last 14 days. I’ve done extensive research but can’t seem to lock down some specifics. Anyone have experience or insight? 1. How long in Bluetooth range triggers this alert. 5 minutes? 10? 15? Other? 2. How close in proximity are we talking? 3 feet? 6 feet? 10 feet? Other? 3. The notification in your iOS settings control panel shows a date. Is this the date you were in range with this person? Seems obvious but hours of googling provided no clear answer. 4. How accurate are these to meaning you actually get covid? My wife and two sons got this notification at 2 am (22 hours ago). I did not get a notification. The date is a day that was 8 days ago when we were all on vacation and together with the exception of about 90-120 minutes where I was separated from them. They were in a busy area while separate from me but wearing masks when indoors. My wife took a self test this morning which was negative. She now has a 99.8 fever and thinks she has covid. She’s going to self test again tomorrow. We’re all fully vaccinated.
  4. How has Hurts looked? Is his passing improving? Anyone trusting him as a cheap QB1 option? You’d obviously need a higher end QB2 as insurance, in case the plug gets pulled.
  5. Warning - TLDR My cuz is a big chart guy. I asked him “What are your thoughts on AMZN? Is the chart telling you it should bounce back, or is there more potential downside?” His reply (there were also charts that I couldn’t paste): I think for the Long-Term, this was a gift. One thing that seems to hold true is that every reaction in the market is an overreaction, especially for companies with solid balance sheets (not so much for speculative plays like growth stocks, IPOs, penny stocks, crypto, etc.) Looks like we could test the daily 200 around 3270. We opened on Friday just underneath the 100ma on the daily chart, tested it - and it acted as resistance. So, that tells me that buyers are not jumping at that price. On the weekly, going back to 2011 - the weekly 55ema and 100ma have been solid support to bounce off, only being breached 2x (2015 and 2000 market crash. I don't see anything in Q1 2015 that would have causes the drop. Maybe ER). If it were me, the weekly 55ema (green) would be a solid entry, as long as we are finding some buying there, and not just blowing through it. I would only think that's likely if overall market was doing the same, but even then, AMZN already dropped a lot. Obviously there's always the threat of a more serious market pullback or crash , but sentiment seems bullish despite all the constant fear. An investor could theoretically put a SL underneath the weekly 100ma right there if they wanted to enter there and got a solid bounce. Ie: Risk 2% on 10k if worried about a further drop. Doing that always invites the risk of getting stopped out and then the stock taking off upward though. The 2x it breached the weekly 55 in this screenshot was the market correction in late 2018, and market crash in 2020. But I do think AMZN was consolidating in a range for about a year. So definitely a long-term hold.
  6. This is incredible. So valuable. I was surprised to see Eagles OL ranked #3. If they perform as a top 5 line, makes me even higher on Miles Sanders.
  7. Gcv - I’m up 31% since the todem recommendation, plus 4 quarters of 7-8% dividend reinvestment., so basically up almost 40%. They can have the 3% expense fee.
  8. OTC shell plays. Low volume and not much hype yet. Should soar eventually- great share structures and cheap to get in now (.05 and .04, respectively) RIBS QENC These are both recent custodian wins by Ben Berry - Synergy Management
  9. Someone on CNBC today (forget who) pitched builder FOR. He recommended buying the stock but I looked at the options and scooped up 6 calls at $1.65 for Nov 19 2021 at 22.50 strike. Right now trading around 20.58. I’m new to options and still learning, but this seemed like a pretty cheap play. Hoping to sell leading up to 7/20 earnings. Historically the company smashes revenue and earnings estimates. Anyone smarter than me on options care to chime in on the risk/reward?
  10. Moatloads! I’m in tomorrow morning. This is definitely a long term hold, but one that could pay huge returns. I didn’t realize the farming situation was so dire. Great article: https://investorplace.com/hypergrowthinvesting/2021/05/when-all-is-said-done-this-may-be-the-best-stock-pick-of-the-decade/
  11. Guys, it’s not too late to jump in on GOFF. I’m fairly confident it’s going to $1-2 and you can still get in at .22 Should easily do what TSNP/HMBL did. Same custodian (George Sharp) but much better share structure (250MM versus 2B)
  12. I’m big into the custodian plays as of late. Here are my favorites, in descending order. I could lose all my money, but hoping at least one of them hits big. GOFF GVSI QENC ABWN TAMG
  13. Keep up the great work, stryker!
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