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  1. Just bought my first ever actual crypto. Used Binance US. Bought 5,000 of VET.X @ .1782. It is a supply chain crypto. The below article really peaked my interest. https://seekingalpha.com/article/4415383-vechain-is-blockchain-investment-for-next-decade
  2. How does SLVO have a 32-33% dividend yield? Is that for real? Is it sustainable?
  3. Got in HIRU at .0054 Similar story to SFIO - recent ownership change, working to get pink current, etc.
  4. Futures showing red nasdaq and green Dow and s&p. Not by a ton on either. I’m ok with a relatively calm Friday.
  5. VGAC is just getting ridiculous. Closed at 10.01. Isn’t 10.00 the floor? I know it can technically trade in the 9’s, but how is the 23andme merger not worth more than NAV? I’m tempted to dump Chet money into it......
  6. Zom is killing me. I got back in around low 1.80's. i don't know whether to average down or just ride it out. Don't want to throw good money on bad money....
  7. Based on the six month chart, VYST looks like it’s close to gamble territory again for an opening position. I am looking at the .028 to .03 area, thinking max downside is .025ish. Company has been quiet so hopefully news soon and a nice pop and ride up into .04/.05 territory.
  8. Good point. It's money in an IRA that I can't touch for 15+ years. So in true reality 15 years out but I guess I really mean in the next 6-12 months.....
  9. I have one account that is just getting killed. Last week I was close to capitulation and just selling off everything but a cooler head prevailed and I decided to hold. Fast forward a week and I’m probably down another 10-15%. I guess I ‘ll keep holding (you can’t lose if you don’t sell for a loss) but does anyone have confidence any of these will ever recover? Here are my total losses so far on these dogs. ZOM – 16% UWMC – 14% PLTR –13% BNGO -27% CPNG – 6%
  10. Practically the entire pool of investors, large and small, are swing trading. Buy and hold is practically dead. It's a crying shame.
  11. Hey all. I've talked myself off the ledge a bit. I'm going to wait until some of my holdings recover, then trim some and move into some more index funds. But I'll keep some play money aside for sure. Just won't put too much pressure on myself to keep actively managing 3 IRA accounts. Thanks all for the great words!
  12. Drama alert. Serving up a hot take special. I’m considering a serious overhaul. I love this thread, so many folks, @Todemin particular, helped me scrape myself back together after the bloody March of 2020. I was literally paralyzed and couldn’t get back into the market. I finally did in mid April and things turned around in a big way. The todem list was cash money. I got lucky on some scam penny stocks, Wild West crypto plays, a few SPAC’s, etc. I know everything doesn’t go up in a straight line. There are peaks and valleys. The past few months just feel different. I’m convinced that th
  13. I bailed at .31 for a 30%+ loss. Something smells fishy with this one. My gut steered me wrong. I actually thought I was doing the right thing and watched it for a while before jumping in over two buys. I hope it goes to a buck but I won't be reaping any rewards. I think ZOM is safer so I put my money there instead. Thankfully I hadn't bought a lot.
  14. back into ZOM at 1.80 Hoping to sell in the 2.40's
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