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  1. joffer is the winner, and better player. Thanks for the game!
  2. Thank you for the invite. I'm always ready for a good game of chess. Freak Show is my Chess Time name.
  3. A similar situation happened to my Dad. A state patrolman showed up at the scene, and at my Dad's insistence didn't issue a ticket to the other driver. State Farm said 50/50 fault, and it was easier to repair the car, then to fight the insurance company. We just dropped it. IMO insurance is a scam!
  4. The shop I use always shows the old part, and point out where the problem was. Make sure to talk to any repair shop before work is done, and tell them you want to see the old part. They should be willing to give an explanation as to why the part was replaced. Always double check to see a new part has been installed. This won't catch all the problems, but will let the repair shop know you do have some knowledge of what goes on with a car. If something doesn't seem right, call a tow truck, and have the vehicle sent to a different shop.
  5. Thank goodness I don't have enough money for the bolded.
  6. I've had 2 daughters get the Moderna first shot without symptoms, and a second shot with slight symptoms. My third daughter just received her first shot, and feels like she was hit by a truck. Will her second shot be worse?
  7. "Boy, you usin’ that oriental martial bull#### on me’s gonna get real expensive."
  8. Never apologize, mister, it's a sign of weakness.”
  9. I'll be interested in what you have to say. I haven't heard of them either. The first place that came to my mind in Colorado is Big Burger World in Canon City.
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