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  1. I bought a little at $30.27. I'm interested to see what it does tomorrow.
  2. If GIS opens around $55., I'm buying some.
  3. Thank you! The stock was down $3.36 per share yesterday. I think I'll buy a few to see what happens.
  4. ALSN paying ex-dividend to those owning the stock before February 22? @McBokononmentioned this stock a few weeks ago. Does this mean buy?
  5. Thank you for the game Mister CIA. I look forward to playing you in the next tournament. Thank you Tim for organizing this tournament.
  6. Buffet must be listening to totem. VZ was on totem's list weeks ago.
  7. It's always good to lose to you. I wish you would have made it.
  8. I started a position in MDU this morning. I believe it's one Todem mentioned.
  9. Harley-Davidson HOG is down over 18% today. Is it a good time to start a position?
  10. Did I miss something on BLDP? I am still adding a little when it dips. I thought dirty hydrogen was the wave of the future, and this was a good company to be invested in?
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