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  1. The forum is fine, but the members are total jerks.
  2. That was really strange. Was he instructed to do that? He's been making solid contact all series, why bunt with runners on the corners when a long fly ball scores?
  3. He throws wiffleballs. I'm surprised he didn't go another inning.
  4. We did it!! I'm so happy for myself and my teammates!!
  5. How does everyone feel about Katy? Is she too agreeable? I thought Heather was too agreeable also, but at least she cut Michael loose at the end. Katy just parrots everything Ronan says. My wife thinks I'm a jerk for being too critical of autistic kids.
  6. I just watched Ep 3 and am enjoying it. The ******* in the cave was a bit hokey but I think I like where it's going.
  7. I thought it was OK, but I always have high expectations for Chappelle. Only a few LOL moments lost amongst his defensive trans topic agenda.
  8. I think my local CVS has boosters but my Kaiser hasn't put me on their eligible list yet. It's only a matter of time. Do we need bring our original vaccine card and will the booster automatically be noted on our digital card?
  9. Tyson looks ready to take advantage of Wilder's fatigue.
  10. I've been looking into this, and in West Los Angeles the good places run from $1,600 to $1,900 per month for infants.
  11. So why are you old farts so bent out of shape about it? Everytime some dope cries about facebook an angel gets its wings.
  12. For me. So many people here are bothered by it, I find it amusing for FB to passively annoy all the boomers.
  13. Hopefully Facebook is back up quickly and stronger than ever.
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