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  1. I watching the intros of the recent AU Survivor and I'm already pumped.
  2. I mean, you edited your post and it's STILL grammatically F'd up. Did you even read my post? No need to be a toxic turd. Geez, you internet trolls are bored.
  3. Too cold for me, but it's a good alternative as long as they don't build a wall to keep me out.
  4. I watched ep 1 & 2 last night based on the recommendations here. Does it get better? I like it and will keep watching, but a few things don't sit right with me: 1. Are there no police in his town? He goes around beating and killing people and doesn't feel the need to wear a mask or lay low at any time? 2. I how does a guy like Ray get the paramedic girl? He's pretty ugly.
  5. I love it too. If there was a better place for me to live, I'd have moved already.
  6. I wish kept track of all the COVID deniers that died of COVID. I mean, COVID kills a lot of people, but conspiracy theories and misinformation is a primary contributing factor.
  7. Reservation Dogs is pretty good (3 eps in). I laughed too damn hard at episode 2.
  8. Now there's blind soccer... but the goalie appears to not be handicapped at all.
  9. I'm channel surfing late Sunday night and come across some paralympics. There's a wacky sport where it's 3 vs 3 blindfold handball/bowling sport. Guys are sprawling around the court trying to stop a bouncing ball from rolling into their net based on where they sound of the ball is coming from. ETA: It's called goalball. Crazy stuff.
  10. The way I understand it, each year a flu shot is created based on the flu strains from the previous season. The flu virus mutates so the shot is only somewhat effective. That's kind of what we're seeing with COVID, the vaccine is based on (and built to fight) the original virus. So it's 90% effective against it. When the variants come around it's not quite as effective but still better than not having been vaccinated at all. It's a moving target as there's no cure for viruses.
  11. It's not a personality problem, it's a parenting/discipline issue methinks.
  12. Me too. The early reviews have been great. And of course the racists that haven't seen it are already panning it and mad that Asians are invading their universe.
  13. This is a sad story. But at this point in our nation, anyone that wants the vaccine already has it. Cases where people on their dead bed regret not getting their shots and want to be a cautionary tale for others won't get their wish because it will fall on deaf ears.
  14. I discovered "Oblivion NPC Speech" videos on Youtube today. OMG these things are funny.
  15. I just wished all these "last" warning were really the last.
  16. They call my work phone so I kinda have to answer just in case it's a client. And yeah, the recordings end up as voicemails as well.
  17. At this point, if you're not vaccinated and you get sick from some form of COVID, you should be denied entry to a hospital. Stop clogging up busy healthcare facilities with your negligent butt.
  18. I thought this was gonna be the video of the puppy that goes around hugging farm animals. But this is cool too.
  19. You're the last person on earth worthy of coming into this thread being snarky and condescending to others.
  21. YOU DIDN'T HAVE YOUR CORONA VIRUS MASK ON!?!? SHAME!!! I wouldn't have followed you though, quite the opposite.
  22. I'd have gone into a busy fast food spot to grab a drink/ice cream. If he follows, I'd have called the cops.
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