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  1. Lets hear itHe could be getting ready to do a line of meth He could be getting ready to do a line of ecstasy He could be getting ready to do a line of a really cool designer drug that only famous people have access to I could go on but you get the point Actually I don't. You can lead the horse to water...
  2. Figured he'd be snorting in "Wolf of Wall Street" fashion. Is the hooker waiting in the stall?
  3. Interest as well, I'm in 2 leauges, 1 in Mfl and the other is in EFS sports which has defensive players and a salary cap.

  4. The league rules are like one of my leagues Fatal http://www22.myfantasyleague.com/2011/home/10180#0

  5. It looks like you put alot of effort in this league. You guys did a good job. Im in a couple of contract leages and this one looks good.

  6. LOL...sweet. You sound like me. We have a couple guys interested in the team. We are doing an interview process since we don't want a guy that just wants to try it out.

    Just to clarify though, you are dedicated to the long term correct?

    Me and my co-commish will consider all owners and select the one we feel will be the best owner for our league. Did you have any...

  7. Im in 7 leagues and i commish one of them, 5 of them are idp.

  8. It is still available. Just trying to gauge you two out. How long have you done dynasty with IDP? Are you very active? Would you be in it for the long haul? We're looking for dedicated owners, not someone looking to "try it" for a year or two.

  9. I will take that awesome team if the other guy backs out, i will pay you instanly.

  10. I really liked a lot of those bands you listed in my thread. I'm not much of a fan of the screaming bands, but I liked a lot of the music. I like a lot of different genres of music (even the Sherree Chamberlain and the like). I'm curious as to what music you have in your library. Do you collect a lot of music?



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