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  1. I am all for letting this play out and giving Gaetz the benefit of presumed innocence, but there is clearly a pretty big story here. Either Gaetz is doing something illegal or the DOJ is extorting him. Seems worthwhile to discuss either way.
  2. This is a really good question. Trump usually has no problem suing people. I'm now questioning why he hasn't sued a bunch of people over this.
  3. Sure. Why not? Before I start, I would like to take exception to this sentence: "I want other Conservatives and leftists here to see the benefit of fair answers to fair questions, no matter what side of the aisle they originate." You like to accuse people of "tribalism" but then turn around and throw out terms like "leftist". This shows your bias right here. You are framing the discussion as reasonable people (Conservatives) vs extremists (leftists). You constantly refer to people that you disagree with as "leftists". You are trying make this out as "good" vs "evil", not a reasonable diff
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GIWbAaXEAVA - To keep the original video in mind. Your post is very condescending. I am sure my posts have come across poorly as well. Let's put that aside and talk man to man, which I am sure you'll appreciate. I'll be as direct with my points as possible. 1. You have been spamming the Jen Psaki appreciation thread with posts pushing a narrative that she is incompetent. Whether intentional or not, you are drowning out other people's opinions. 2. I have watched most of the videos you have posted and read your analysis. I don't believe you are be
  5. If Kayleigh McEnany had done that to Jim Acosta, you'd be making a 5 point post about how she is great. That was an epic response to a low value question from Doocy. My favorite is when he admits that "the president has been very generous with his time with Fox". It seems that an expert such as you would appreciate that performance. ETA: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GIWbAaXEAVA... just want to keep this discussion on topic. This is the video we are discussing.
  6. Psaki completely shut Doocy down on his question. Thanks for posting Gordo. I appreciate your posting of the great Psaki performances.
  7. I think you touched on many of them. Hurting their spouse and kids. Losing financially in a divorce. Losing friends is another consequence. Losing their job or reputation is another one. STDs possibly. Plenty of consequences to commiting adultery. I was mostly thinking about the situation where both partners are married and face equal consequences. I'd agree that if one of the partners is unmarried, they probably face fewer consequences. But not sure than criminalizing adultery is going to reduce it. Do you think that people that commit adultery are the type of people that worry abou
  8. Do you think making it illegal would reduce it? ETA: By "it", I meant infidelity. ETA2: To answer my own question. I don't think it would reduce it much if any. There are already some serious consequences to getting caught committing adultery and it doesn't stop people. Criminalizing it would just create more criminals which would likely have more negative consequences than divorce.
  9. Bans are not a very effective way of reducing those behaviors. This was proven by prohibition and the war on drugs. Regulation, taxes, education and addictions treatment are more effective in reducing those behaviors. So if the government cares about us, then there will be sin taxes.
  10. I sure hope that Harf was investigated and punished for this outrageous behavior.
  11. Just thinking out loud here. It could be harmful if the assets were indivisible. ie.someone invests all their money into a piece of land (for speculation or to build something in later). Now their assets are basically their home and a large piece of land. It appreciates in value. Would they have to sell their home or land to pay for the taxes? Probably a pretty unlikely scenario, but could happen.
  12. They have implemented many of AOCs policies: single payer health care, heavily subsidized college, paid maternity leave, strong welfare system, etc. You are saying that the US will slide into socialism if they implement these policies but why haven't these other countries. You can disagree with their policies but to say it will turn the US into a Marxist state is a bit much. These policies exist in many non-socialist states around the world.
  13. Oops. I thought I clicked on the Marjorie Taylor Greene thread, but apparently I clicked on the AOC thread.
  14. I woke up early this morning so I decided to watch all the videos posted in this thread. Based on the commentary accompanying those videos, I didn't expect much out of her. I am no press relations expert but I found her very engaging and competent. I give her kudos for continuing to engage reporters who ask hard questions (Matt Lee sure likes to hold her feet to the fire, which is a good thing). She appears to have a very good relationship with the press. I appreciate when an administration engages with the press. Is she perfect? Obviously not. She got caught flat footed a few times but h
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