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  1. This was over when Mullens had to start. Also, when you're getting smoked by a guy like Cole Beasley you should just hang it up.
  2. They are playing the Niners practice squad. Would be embarrassing if they didn't.
  3. Surprised that ref can speak with the Seahawk's balls choking his throat. Some terrible penalties against the Eagles.
  4. Breida and Goodwin gone. Nice to clear those cap hits off the books. Getting anything for Goodwin is a bonus. He was going to get cut regardless. The Staley timing seems weird though. Can't imagine they went into the draft not knowing this. With them passing on OT they must have felt confident that the Williams deal would work out. Glad it worked out. Could have left a big hole.
  5. May not seem like it at the moment, but I think this draft will prove to be a good one. They got two players with enormous upside in their respective schemes. And both guys fit the current vibe of this team. Putting Kinlaw in the mix with guys like Ford, AA, Bosa, Jones and Blair sets him up to excel and grow early. He could turn out to be a monster. I'm an ASU homer and I think Aiyuk is a better prospect than Harry. He is a great fit with what KS likes to do. Excited to see him, Deebo, Kittle, and guys like Hurd and Taylor back in the mix. Thinking some trades may still be in the works.
  6. They have no choice but to find a WR early. They currently have Deebo and Bourne who is better suited as a #3/4 WR as the only "sure" things heading into the year. The rest are coming off injury or most likely won't be on the 53 (Pettis/Goodwin). Sanders would have made a lot of sense to pair with a rookie and Deebo. I wouldn't be upset if they traded up a few spots to a get a guy like Jeudy or Lamb. Odds are good they might have to. They are within striking distance of some pretty good WR prospects and it's the #1 glaring hole on the roster. They should try and make it work. The i
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