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  1. Clearly you didn't read that interview with June Jones 😉 I do agree that Lawrence is the clear #1 but in all seriousness there are some people that think Wilson is better. I for one won't be shocked at all if he ends up being better.
  2. Yeah that was definitely sarcasm. It does seem like a decent draft to be in the market for OL, so hopefully Telesco comes through. I share your concerns that he won't.
  3. Daniel Jeremiah mocked the Chargers taking Waddle at 13. Yeah that's exactly what they need. The nice thing about all those top 12 teams with QB needs seem to push value down the line. Almost every mock seems to have us getting one of the top 3 tackles. Ofcourse the mocks will probably be wrong and all the big tackles will be gone. Unfortunately I don't love any of the tackles like Wirfs last year. I still can't believe he fell so far. He was actually my top choice for the Chargers at 6. Glad it didn't go my way.
  4. Generally I would rather have the roster spot. Keeping him just keeps you from taking a chance on someone young that is not a risk for suspension at any moment. But if you are a contender I might be able to imagine saving a spot for him.
  5. Uhhg. The prospect of Eli making it in before Rivers makes me 🤢. I understand that Eli was clutch when it mattered most, and I had to hate him less after how he did the Patriots and all, but man give me Rivers all day.
  6. Yeah that motion takes some getting used to. I hope it doesn't take too long for the HOF.
  7. I'd actually be curious what the price would have been for just Stafford. I have a feeling that the rams actually had to give a little extra to include Goff and that horrible contract.
  8. Reading about the Chargers talking to Meyer almost made me puke. Then I remembered that the Spanos family is probably too cheap to pay him what he is looking for, so I felt better right away.
  9. I didn't get a chance to watch a lot of their games this year, but it seemed like Tua was in the shotgun almost all the time. Is that what you guys saw or am I off on that? Guy his size...seems like they really need to move him around more. Like Cleveland did with Mayfield this year. He doesn't seem to be able to read the entire field yet. Maybe he can turn into Brees, but I don't see it happening. They should look at what Mayfield did after losing obj and start from there.
  10. Agreed. Except I think Flores already initiated him a few weeks ago. I'm sure he'll see a lot of the same confusing last second look changes. It will be good to see if Herbert can improve now that he has seen it.
  11. Is it really so hard to believe that they would have faith in the first coach to make their team relevant over a bunch random guys on the internet? And if I'm not mistaken one of those fans is saying that he wants Fitz to start, but that he thinks Flores will do the right thing for the team in the big picture.
  12. This thread reads like Fitz and Parker fantasy owners arguing with Dolphins fans.
  13. Hard to find anyone that I love here. Bienemy as a Charger again...not sure what to think. Is the success just Ried and Mahomes? I think the defense would love Saleh. That might be a good balance to the offense. I was about to type Harbaugh back in San Diego? Then I remembered they're in LA. 🙁
  14. The silver lining is that this must finally seal his fate. I mean there's no possible way he could bring him back, right? It was nice to see Bosa on fire, too. He was great. And even in there at the end. I felt like earlier in the year we'd see him on the sidelines in too many crucial moments at the end.
  15. I feel the same way, but I only watched one full game of Tua. I was talking with a friend of mine that's a huge dolphins fan and he said he wants to see Tua. Not convinced that even if they make it they will make a deep run. Either way he has faith in Flores to gauge the locker room and make the right call. This will definitely be one of the interesting storylines to follow.
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