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  1. It was not pretty in any shape or form. The positive I take away is that there have been a lot of teams that laid clunkers and bounce back. Hopefully the Chargers can do it too. One thing I seemed to notice is that the Ravens seemed to be daring Herbert to go deep, and he just couldn't connect. Not all on him, but guys just weren't getting open or making catches that were tough, but should have been made. Always hard to see from the telecast, but it seemed like the Ravens were playing a lot of press and having a lot of success. None of the big cushions we've been used to seeing. I don't think a lot of teams will be able to do that, but I imagine they'll be seeing more of that going forward. Good time for the bye week to come, so they can work on this stuff and get some of the playmakers back on defense.
  2. Sorry, kind of late in responding. I am very happy with the team(the post you pulled said as much), but I was (and still am)skeptical that their success can be sustained this year. I do agree that with Herbert the team does have a bright future. I actually have not been very critical about the moves made by the team, and I still feel the same way so there are not a lot of teams I would switch places with. But for this year, you can't be last in the league against the run and expect to be a strong contender. Cleveland came to town really beat up, and they were just a bad PI call away from winning that game, so yeah I was still skeptical. 4-1 is more than I would have ever dreamed of them being at that point, but they got there with a lot of luck and an unusual amount of health up to that point. We see that changing now, and I think it bring them back into the pack of teams fighting for a playoff spot. I am hopeful they can do better than that, but we'll have to see how they respond to the whipping they took this past weekend. Fivethirtyeight had a really prescient article out last Friday comparing Jackson and Herbert with Herbert having an insane amount of success on 3rd and 4th down, and how it is not likely to be sustainable. It is still an interesting read especially now with hindsight: https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/justin-herbert-and-lamar-jackson-are-crushing-it-on-different-downs/
  3. You non Chargers fans obviously don't know what Post Traumatic Football Disorder is or you wouldn't be mocking us 😉. Actually I told myself I would feel better if they won on Sunday, but of course I feel the same scepticism. I can't help it! They really had no business winning that game. All the injuries that Cleveland had and they still should have won. If not for that lucky PI call against Williams when it looked like Williams was the one that fouled they likely would have won. But I do recognize that most fans would be happy to have what we have, so I am still very happy. No NFL team is perfect. The league is so insanely evenly balanced that any win matters. And the fact Chargers are pulling out these close battles says a lot about their toughness. Tons.
  4. It will be interesting to see if Sermon is more effective with Lance starting this week. I seem to recall reading that RPO plays were one of Sermon's strengths coming out, but I can't seem to find anything on it now.
  5. Yeah I think they'd definitely prefer him vs. the bigger but slower guys. If he goes against the quicker, smaller guys he'd rely more on his route running to get open. Reading through this thread it seems like that has not been his strength. So, they probably want him vs. the slower guys so his athletic ability can be enough.
  6. I haven't watched all his snaps or anything, but by starting him in the backfield they're trying to get him matched against a LB. If they start him out wide he'll be more likely to have a corner on him. I think this is smart not dumb. Of course with his success teams might be more likely to adjust to this.
  7. Wow, I think this might be the first time I've found your thoughts to be more optimistic than mine 😀 I agree that the Cleveland game is a big test especially coming off 2 high emotion games in a row. If they can pull this off I will share your optimism.
  8. I'm going to, but I don't really have much more attractive options. If Kittle is out he should be a safer bet.
  9. Uhhg. Toe, shoulder and now shin. And I was just getting excited about Rivera telling Hienicke that he needs to be more of a game manager and take less risks. I was envisioning all those dump offs to Gibson. If this is nothing I do think we'll see some more targets.
  10. Yeah Herbert and Williams' offseason work is paying off nicely. They actually had quite a few barely missed connections last year that would have boosted his TD total. They are more in sync this year. The biggest concern with Williams is injury. He has had disc issues since he came into the league and he throws his body around quite a bit. He landed awkwardly just this week and had to come off the field. I thought he was done, but he came back.
  11. The conditions were awful for kicking, and he had already missed an extra point. I don't think the decisions at the end were related to injury. I just think they had more confidence putting the game on the best player's shoulders instead of the kicker. But maybe you're right. I have not heard anything either.
  12. I think we're reading too much into this by trying to see the week 1 move as disciplinary. The fact that Collinsworth brought up the coach comments about trying to get him to just make that one cut and go says a lot. Just my opinion obviously, but I read the situation as making him inactive because he wasn't reading what he was supposed to. Then in practice the RB coach says he was making improvements the next week, but doing that in game is a different story. So they stuck with Mitchell. I think Shanahan just didn't trust him yet. I would think he showed enough to get some carries when Mitchell returns, but as others mentioned he just looked "ok." He did have a couple good runs that showed his upside. Unless I'm desperate I know I won't start him until he shows more. Hopefully he gets there. If not, I won't be surprised to see Wilson end up the starter once he is healthy.
  13. Yeah I agree. That is probably why he was inactive week 1. He looks like he is still thinking too much. I wouldn't want to start him until I see him running more instinctively. Hopefully that happens at some point.
  14. Wow. Talk about a rollercoaster of emotions in this one. So nice to come out on the good end. Staley showing some steel nuts today. One of the funniest not funny moments of the day...1st and goal from the 6. 4 minutes left to play and down by 3. They bring in an extra tackle(Pipkins) who promptly jumps offside. Romo: "Thanks for playing today Pip."
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