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  1. I think we're reading too much into this by trying to see the week 1 move as disciplinary. The fact that Collinsworth brought up the coach comments about trying to get him to just make that one cut and go says a lot. Just my opinion obviously, but I read the situation as making him inactive because he wasn't reading what he was supposed to. Then in practice the RB coach says he was making improvements the next week, but doing that in game is a different story. So they stuck with Mitchell. I think Shanahan just didn't trust him yet. I would think he showed enough to get some carries when Mitchell returns, but as others mentioned he just looked "ok." He did have a couple good runs that showed his upside. Unless I'm desperate I know I won't start him until he shows more. Hopefully he gets there. If not, I won't be surprised to see Wilson end up the starter once he is healthy.
  2. Yeah I agree. That is probably why he was inactive week 1. He looks like he is still thinking too much. I wouldn't want to start him until I see him running more instinctively. Hopefully that happens at some point.
  3. Wow. Talk about a rollercoaster of emotions in this one. So nice to come out on the good end. Staley showing some steel nuts today. One of the funniest not funny moments of the day...1st and goal from the 6. 4 minutes left to play and down by 3. They bring in an extra tackle(Pipkins) who promptly jumps offside. Romo: "Thanks for playing today Pip."
  4. Ugly loss. Should have had it. Special teams are still awful. Feels like I've felt all this before. Sure feels like the f'ing zebras have it out for the chargers too. Some awful calls again.
  5. Yeah we are all obviously just guessing here. What I took from McDaniel's quote is that they saw something in practice this week that they didn't see last week. And I don't think it's a stretch to think Shanahan benched him with that goal in mind. Now they're saying he'll get his chance. He won't start, but if he executes I don't think they'll put a pitch count on him. So I think the number of touches will just depend on what he does with those. Starting him is a big gamble, but it could potentially pay off nicely.
  6. You think Sermon is only getting 3-5 carries?
  7. HA. That's the one I was trying to remember. Skeletor. Takes me back.
  8. It's funny because all Sunday I was doing a lot of the rationalizations that were flying around about it being a mind game on Shanahan's part. Then when he came out and gave his explanation for the benching it sounded like his genuine thoughts. Now that I read the McDaniel quotes I am right back to thinking it's a mind game. Uhhg. Shanahan is truly evil. What was the nickname we used to give his dad? Didn't he have some kind of villain nickname?
  9. I agree completely. Hienicke just wasn't really interested in dumping off. Always looking downfield. Not a good sign for Gibson owners, but it's still early. It worked last night despite that ugly interception that should have cost them the game. Not sure if it will all year though.
  10. Yes. We need all of this. After watching how the NYG oline held up against the WFT defense I am a little less excited about how the Chargers did against them. I still like it, but just a little bit less. Probably too much cynicism built up. Looking forward to see how they do. Definitely one they can win.
  11. I agree with all of this. I expect WFT to be a top 10ish defense, so I was happy with the way the offense moved the ball against them. And that fumble call was awful. No way it was. And to call it confirmed by replay was worse. The defense held up well for the most part against a weak offense. Only 133 passing yards and 259 total yards would have probably been good for a blowout when you compare to Charger offense. But those penalties and turnovers were killers. Uhhhg the Bosa foul at the half. Ugly. Well the defense will definitely be tested this weekend. Hopefully some of our own fans show up. I was actually surprised by how many charger fans were there vs WFT.
  12. It is a strange position that you are arguing. You seem to be saying that Zeke didn't look good, but that Dallas should have given him the ball more?
  13. Yeah it is strange. There's gotta be something else going on. Just doesn't make sense.
  14. So do they have an exemption for one of these guys? I didn't go through and count, but it says 26, 25 and 3. Why 54?
  15. Surprised we haven't heard about any RB moves or cuts yet. You'd think if they were going to put Jackson on IR or PUP they'd do it by now. Judging from Fouts on the telecast it won't be a shocker to see Kelley getting cut. Maybe they are trying to trade him for a late conditional pick or something.
  16. I don't think I view any of the backups as a cuff. I would say Jackson, but he can't even stay healthy in a time share role. As soon as he's called on for anything more than occasional runs he gets injured. Kelley is Ok, but just that...ok. If Ekeler goes down we'll see other guys get their shot. Shoot it could be Roundtree.
  17. I was only able to watch the first half. Good points above, but I find it really hard to gauge anything knowing that the rams benched like their top 35 players. The issues with special teams were especially frustrating. I agree it is only preseason, so I won't dwell on it but I mean...it was a huge issue last season. They really need to work on it or I am going to go through 20 remote controls this season.
  18. Looked solid today. Even harder to gauge than most preseason because Denver's ones were playing against Minn's 2nd stringers, but he looked good.
  19. From a redraft perspective the fact that they want to give him this much work in the preseason would give me pause. Could imply that the aren't very concerned about saving him for the real games. I guess we'll see how his usage progresses.
  20. Yeah, I think you're right. Most of the stuff I've read about Lombardi's time is that he actually regrets how much he tried to implement the same offense with a different staff instead of tailoring the offense to the staff. He says that is a lesson learned, so hopefully it sticks because I don't think Herbert's game much like Brees' game.
  21. I was happy to read about the discord between the family, but I will be shocked to see any ownership changes any time soon. Sure would be nice though.
  22. At qb6 and 60 overall Herbert is an easy pass. At that spot you are assuming he will improve, but aside from the unknown as to whether or not Lombardi is an upgrade we don't even know how he will handle loud environments. Herbert made a lot of changes at the line last year, but he didn't have loud fans to deal with. This year will be different, especially for the Chargers. Many of their "home" games will be louder for the other team. The oline improvements should help, but who knows. Maybe it won't be a big deal, but combined with the many other unknowns it makes it an easy pass for me. At least at that price.
  23. FYI for people interested the full post from Shipley has even more praise than just the tweet. Worth the read. I am bummed I didn't get more Shenault shares.
  24. Haha. You guys are cracking me up. Tebow and Lawrence are pretty high on the list as well, but I don't think we have a lot of Jaguars fans on this board either....or do we?
  25. That doesn't surprise me. Chargers building some buzz and they (or he on his own) is getting his name out there. Going to schools and bringing supplies and stuff. It's smart as they know they have a chance to build on something if he can keep playing lights out. Plus....we got us a boat load of wagon jumpers here in so cal just waiting for the next big thing.
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