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  1. I'm guessing that lingering shot had more to do with foreshadowing a little finger scheme than it did Sansa. With Bran's comment to him and Aryas arrival, he is in complete survival mode. He has to try and create conflict between the sisters AND find a way to silence Bran. Odds are NOT in his favor.
  2. I'm telling you. I think the children of the forrest will come into play some how (maybe in the scrolls) and Jon will attempt to end the war with diplomacy of some sort.
  3. Not if she agrees with the intention of reneging at the worst possible time leaving them holding their nuts. That would be Cersei perfectly.
  4. I'll take it a step further and predict that Jon eventually helps broker peace with the white walkers with the help of Bran. Many will fall before this happens though.
  5. No way! This is a War story. A very heavy handed one at that.
  6. That im not sure about. Honestly I was still under the impression that he was involved as I don't believe the book series is finished. Cant imagine he'd want someone else deciding how the story was intended to end and why. It's his life's work, so I imagine it would be tough watching someone get it completely wrong and miss the point entirely. Are we sure that he's not involved at all? That's VERY disappointing if so.
  7. No way Littlefinger makes it through the season now that Bran pulled his skirt up with the "Chaos is a ladder" drop. That sealed his fate IMO. It's only a matter of when now.
  8. Kind of surprised by this based on what we know about GRRM. I'd have Jon Snow EASILY as the number 1 seed when it comes to the end game survivors. Jon completely embodies his theory on war and what's to be gained and lost as a result. I think Jon almost HAS to go the distance in order for the story to be told as it was intended.
  9. Hell yea he does. He still owns the franchise, he didn't sell off complete rights to Warner Bros (HBO). Not that I know of anyway. Doesn't strike me as a guy that would.
  10. Where is bad Larry? I haven't seen him since I've been back.
  11. Jamie is the way too obvious catalyst that brings the major players together for some onscreen dialogue before the great final battle begins. Particularly the inevitable Tyrion/Cercsei reunion. The verbal jousting between those two would wayyyy too good to NOT happen.
  12. Jamie of course will live but Tyrion is too smart to risk suggesting something like that to Dany right after she not so subtly questioned if his true loyalty still lies with his own.
  13. Im not quite sure I follow. I watched last night like everyone else. Is your beef with my spoiler tag, or not having watched "Spoils of War" (I did)? Little confused.
  14. I just assumed since it didn't have any fancy name or labeling. It's pretty damn good though.
  15. Friend brought over some cheap Canadian beer yesterday called Moosehead. I gotta say... NOT BAD. Not bad at all.
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