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  1. Just wondering if you could send me a link to your OK Cupid profile or just the text to help me out.

    I'm having a hard time filling it out. I checked out Reginald Cornsilk's original post and been scanning the "competition" so I've tried to do it on my own, but I guess I'm just not sure what a "successful" profile looks like. Hopefully, I can take a pe...

  2. Biggest pimp in the ffa.

  3. 15.17 is you! Pick a rookie or veteran! Thanks

  4. Can you please draft a rookie?

    Check here for info:



    Shouldn't be to hard to pick someone. Thanks.

  5. 14.14 is you. OTC until 1707 pst!

  6. Waiting to hear from you for the Build a Basketball Franchise Draft. Looks like you haven't logged on since June 15th. Vacation?

  7. I'm turning to the FBGs to help educate me regarding personal finance and planning. Thanks to my parents hard work and selflessness I was lucky enough to graduate from college without any loans. They live a comfy life, but as immigrants to the US I feel that they did not learn how to make their money work for them when they were younger. So hopefully you guys can help me out with some advice, recommend some books, and/or blogs for me. I tried wading through the web, but as many of you may know there are thousands of personal finance books. It's a bit overwhelming as a complete n00b to 401ks,
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