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  1. I'm not debating there are better fighters now because there are. I just don't understand all the MMA purists and diehards saying Brock is a spectacle, not a legit MMA fighter, and that adding him to the UFC 200 card is making a mockery of the sport. Yes he can't take a punch, but he's just as legitimate as someone like Hunt who can only win by knocking people out. He's a flawed fighter just like a bunch of other HW. His losses are Mir (who he avenged), Cain, and Overeem (after abdominal surgery). None of those guys are push overs. I can understand the hate if he was getting a title shot, but he's not. No one in here is pimping him as a contender, but I'm happy as well Brock was added to the card.
  2. As opposed to the overweight guys who can just throw haymakers? There's just no great HW fighters in UFC.
  3. I don't get the Lesnar hate. Dude is legit. He lost to Cain who is a better MMA fighter and then he lost to Overeem after Brock had his intestines taken out. Since then all we've seen is the HW title jump from lug to lug, KO after KO. Brock was a legit fighter. Sure he had holes in his game, but be also had elite skills.
  4. Razor in the shower is easier and cleaner.
  5. Yah if you're not a regular gambler (total rewards, m life, etc) ....try bidding on priceline and hotwire. There are message boards to help. The Venetian is a nice hotel, so hot can't go wrong there. Also check Air BnB. Lots of suites on there. Not sure how many rooms you need, but check out Elara hotel (connected to Planet Hollywood)...They have huge suites at reasonable prices. You might be better off of getting a 2 bedroom suite+ 1 adjoining regular room.
  6. Any store I can try these out? Nordstrom?
  7. Suggestions for nice jeans you can dress up with a tapered cut? As dark a wash as you can get without being black. TIA.
  8. Thanks TF. Ended up getting a room at Sheraton New Orleans through Priceline's "name your price." Placed a $100 offer and it was accepted.... $488 for 4 nights ($122/night) after taxes and fees. The prices above didn't have the taxes and fees included so this saved me $100 (Hampton would have cost $590 after fees or $627 if I booked Sheraton w/o naming my price). The trip so far is off to a good start. Does Tipsy still run Dante's? From the looks of it I want to check out Cafe Du Monde, ACME, and McClures for sure. Either Dante's or Jacques-Imo Cafe, possibly both. Any more updates from the local folks on good places to eat to "New Orleans" cuisine? Trip isn't until September so I've got plenty of time ot research.
  9. Heading out to New Orleans for Week 1 to watch my Raiders vs. the Saints. Will be flying in Thursday night arriving at 2300 and leaving Monday. Will be going out there with the GF and it's both of our first times. I haven't look through the thread yet, but what's a good place to stay at? Looking through Kayak and the cheapest hotels within 1 mile of the French Quarter (I assume this is where a couple who wants to party should stay) are: Royal St. Charles $107/night Best Western Plus St. Christopher Hotel $103 DoubleTree by Hilton $105 Hampton Inn & Suites New Orleans Downtown (Carondaelet St) $121 Omni Royal Crescent Hotel $127 Sheraton New Orleans Hotel (Canal St) $130 Any of these hotels better than the others with primary factor being location and amenities being secondary? Any tips are appreciated. Thanks.
  10. Russ was in charge at that time. Not sure if Little Finger knew Ramsey was a psycho.
  11. Unless you're going to a club or like wearing suits there's really no need to. You won't look out of place in a suit (as long as it fits well), but it's not necessary.
  12. What percentage of your current/final income do you guys expect/should you plan for your 401k to replace once you retire?
  13. Unless Martin really hates life/just wants to be a contrarian the obvious ending is Jon and Dany hooking up and ruling the world with Tyrion as adviser and Bran controlling the dragons after the entire living world joins together and fights the White Walkers. I think all the Stark children will stay alive and reunite.
  14. Anyone else start jerking off to a nice middle aged rack and then see an old lady's ####....and still continued anyways?
  15. Which kids did he beat? I don't remember that.
  16. Solid season. Everyone takes you on a roller coaster of getting out of the hood and then back down. Don't think I like where they're taking Frank for the finale....he's a #### up, but he's never been evil.
  17. Then be a good parent and tell them an art degree for 75k is likely worthless and to do something else.
  18. I need some advice regarding staying with my current employer based on retirement options. I work as a RN at a public hospital. I'm happy where I'm at right now but after reading some articles regarding the pension system I'm scared ####less. The pension plan is great... 2% x "Years of service" at 55. I'm 30 years old so if I work until 60, I can get up to 60% of last 3 years final salary. My current hourly wage is middle of the pack.... not the worst, but I could get about 10-15% more at other hospitals, but the pension plan supposedly makes up for it (though I never calculated the numbers). However, reading these two articles The Pension Fund that Ate CA and The Tragedy of CA Pensions really makes me worried: So basically I'm worried that I won't end up with anything or that I'll end up with a lot less than I'm planning on getting. I'm 30 years old and with my experience I am confident I can get a job at another hospital that offers more hourly pay AND an 401k vs pension. So should I stay with my current employer or leave for a 401k? Again, aside from the retirement I'm happy where I'm at, but this is a pretty big deal.
  19. Love craps!! Haven't had a winning session in awhile, but I still love it. Usually play pass line with max odds (if budget allows), then place bets on the even numbers and buy 4/10 once you hit $25.
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