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  1. I really hope this guy wins a ring eventually, he can the cornerstone of a Championship defense.
  2. He's good. Real good. Scores touchdowns. Nuke (sp).
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1r74G2Mm2xQ Really excited to see the numbers this guy puts up at the Combine. People keep saying this is a weak draft class? I see more than a few players who are upgrades to players on existing teams. Bell dominates. He can run over or around you. He's got a sick spin-move. 6 foot 2. 244 lbs.
  4. My Analysis (June 9th): Patterson to the Vikings is one of the most exciting Rookie landing spots in the NFL this year. He was essentially drafted to fill the void of Percy Harvin and that is a role with a lot of opportunity.He fits in perfectly for Percy Harvin's responsibilities in the Vikings offense. He wasn't drafted for his hands. He wasn't drafted for his route-running. He was drafted for what he can do with the ball in space.He can produce on his own natural talent alone. The Vikings would be fools not to design runs and screens for a player like him. The guy runs a 4.42 forty-ya
  5. I tweaked my groin..

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