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  1. Grabbed him super late in our Dynasty Rookie Draft. I will never let down how low everyone had Cam Newton ranked his Rookie Season. If a guy goes as early as this guy, you gotta get him on your team especially if the price is dirt cheap.
  2. "Joe Flacco is an elite Quarterback."
  3. Proof Brady can make anybody a star...
  4. Martin looked awesome. Almost reminded me of Adrian Peterson before the wheels fell off. He'd be a beast in Denver.
  5. Carlos Hyde is the man, love watching him run. He's putting up first round value as a later pick. He's a must handcuff!
  6. I'm starting him. It's him of Gates, what would you do? Browns are supposed to suck against TE.
  7. I like him coming off a National Championship program. I've watched enough of his tape to know he can be a starting RB. He's not great in any area but he's someone who's got above average power, elusiveness, and vision. If the hole is there, he's going to hit it. He's occasionally going to slip into the secondary but isn't a true homerun hitter. In a sense, he's everything Paul Perkins isn't. A tough between the tackles grinder who will get what's blocked for him.
  8. I'm liking the matchup. The coach have looked the other way about fumbles, they want him to be he guy. Have him fostered, still waiting for that 15+ carry game so I can start with confidence.
  9. I'm really excited for this season, I can't believe it's a week away. I'm very excited to see how some of these new combinations of players gel together. Sometimes a combination is greater than the sum of the parts and sometimes a combination just doesn't work out! Look at Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant from last year. The power duo was split up and it ended up being the best thing for both players. Westbrook stopped playing second fiddle and scored himself a 200 million dollar contract. Durant teamed up with the Dubs and got himself a ring. Rockets The Rockets have the team with a lineup closest resembling the firepower of the Golden State Warriors. I have found that team was very inconsistent in the past, but I think someone like Chris Paul should be a huge benefit to that offense in general. Paul will facilitate the offense and let Harden be Harden. You double Harden, he flips to Paul who can then make a shot or dish it elsewhere. Could be the best guard combo in the league. Celtics The Celtics are a team that may have taken a step back. I only say that because they traded away Isaiah Thomas who single handedly won the Celtics game after game in the 4th quarter. Isaiah Thomas was the spark on that team. Not to say that Kyrie couldn't play a comparable role but Kyrie needs to produce every night now. There's no Lebron to take the heat. Gordon Hayward is a nice addition and he will likely play almost the exact role as in Utah. It just seems like there was too much turnover on the team. Hayward had never played with a player of Irvings caliber, interesting to see how they gel. Al Horford, P- U- Cleveland Cleveland's bench improved tremendously. Their bench was the bane of my existence at times gambling on them last year. When Lebron left the floor, the team took a nosedive. But adding Derrick Rose, Dwayne Wade, and Channing Crowder gives you 3 players that can produce against #2s. Isaiah Thomas is a health concern, don't know what's going on there I've tuned out. He's a huge defensive liability but when he's hot, he's hitting back breaking 3 point shots. He's got a little Steph Curry in him in regards for going for the kill. Love will be asked to carry more of the load and I think he's capable. Thunder Candidates for best off-season, the addition of Paul George and Carmelo Anthony add firepower to an OKC team that already made the playoffs last year. Carmelo Anthony will play a nice 3rd man role similar to Kevin Love in years past. The general idea is that as long as 2 of the 3 superstars puts up a big game, OKC has a chance to win. I'm still suspicious as Anthony hasn't been an elite player in years but this team is more talented than any teams these 3 superstars played on last year. We'll see how much winning motivates these guys. Minnesota Timberwolves The Timberwolves remind me of the Golden State Warriors before they broke out. They'll beat the best team in the league then lose to a garbage team the next night. The talent is there just like it was in Golden State, it's just still very young. I'm not sold on Thibs being a great fit. Defense is great but my focus would be on using all their young athletes to just score, score, score. The Warriors are the mold and with the addition of Jimmy Butler that team needs to start putting up points in bunches. Team won 29 games last year, could have won 35+. They should win 45 games, will probably win 38.
  10. Why should I care? One troll isn't going to ruin my day. I'm still winning. I could lose my next 8 plays and still be 50% the past two days...
  11. If someone is gonna complain about one loss after going 7-0-1 yesterday and when I'm 2-1 today. Their opinion is irrelevant and they deserve to be destroyed.
  12. 2-1 here Red Sox / White Sox under was a mistake. Pelfrey had a good history last time he played the Sox. Still at 2 wins for every 1 loss so today isn't a loss so far. Probably should have avoided but I'll roll with it. There are enough games to make up for it. Plus if it ends up being a total of 6, I won't be too upset about it.
  13. I don't like being sworn at, that shows you have no class. If you have no respect for me, don't talk to me. That simple.
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