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  1. Maybe you ought to pay more attention to the new version of Ted Cruz - Senator Tom Cotton. Not quite as bright, somewhat less likeable.
  2. I was just surprised that this came from a right wing source that I always expect to put the best spin possible for the GOP. It's not a good look but I really don't think the GOP is losing much support. The type of people that have left the GOP get a lot of attention but there don't seem to be that many of them. Need to try to get some sleep.
  3. https://www.americansurveycenter.org/research/after-the-ballots-are-counted-conspiracies-political-violence-and-american-exceptionalism/ I don't lnow anything about the author. .
  4. I believe the answer to your first question is, not show up to vote. As for #2 you should check out the AEI survey on GOP voter support for QANON. It's a lot higher than you want to believe.
  5. How many terms has Louie Gohmert served? Is she really any worse than Louie?
  6. This reminds me of a day many years ago when my buddies and I were hanging out and I suggested we form a new religion and call ourselves "Northern Rastafarians" so we could argue smoking pot was freedom of religion. Yes I was high at the time.
  7. Who are these "reasonable" conservatives and how many are there?
  8. The reason social conservatives are angry is that the central idea of conservatism is to maintain the current social order. The ideals of this nation are "liberty and justice for all",. However the reality is that this nation has always been dominated politically, economically, socially and culturally by white, male, Protestants. Exactly when this domination started to fade is open to debate. I'd start with the start of popular culture, specifically recorder music and movies. It accelerated after WWII. Demographic changes will continue the trend away from the current social order unless there
  9. The GOP has a good chance in NH for Senate pickup.
  10. I was just talking about Nixon being pardoned by Ford. Nixon was an "unindicted co-conspirator" but he wasn't charged with anything. I believe his pardon prevented him from being charged criminally. Then again, no matter how many episodes of Law and Order I watched that isn't the same as going to law school and passing the bar.
  11. Wouldn't this method lead to most elections not producing a majority in the Electoral College? As bad as the Electoral College system is, having most elections decided in the house based on 1 state 1 vote would be much worse.
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