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  1. 3 hours ago, Amused to Death said:

    I voted for Gary Johnson in '12, held my nose and voted for Hillary in '16, and absolutely voted Biden in '20.

    And I'll continue to vote for any Dem over any Trumplican until his ideology is gone from the GOP.

    In other words you will vote for the Democratic candidate for the rest of your life. It is the party of Trump and it's never coming back to anything better.

  2. 2 hours ago, The Commish said:

    There's something that's off about this comparison but I can't really pinpoint it.  I think my problem with it is that it's an "alternative" rather more of an "addition" maybe?  For example, if we are talking about evolution vs intelligent design you can have a day where you teach the biology as we know it, then also teach others believe the whole sequence of events was triggered by some higher being.  That's an alternate viewpoint.  That's not the same as teaching about say the differences between urban areas and suburban areas as we know them today then adding on to that how they came to be and policies/laws that helped to get them there.  That's providing a more complete picture.  Hope that makes sense.

    I guess I am fortunate.  We learned about events like Tulsa and Juneteenth and policies like redlining etc.  I was taken back by the amount of people who weren't taught these things and new nothing about them.  Those lessons stuck with me and are a big part of why I do the work I do in resource centers trying to help people best I can get.  

    I believe there is a federal court decision that bars teaching ID because it's a religious belief not science.

  3. 26 minutes ago, Uwe Blab said:

    You know, if it wasn’t so seriously horrible for the country, I almost have to tip the cap for the con Trump and the grifters still have going on. All they have to do is dangle some random date (January, March, August), another carrot, this is going to be it Trump fans! to keep separating the TrueBelievers from their money. If this was a story I’d say this is so far-fetched, nobody is this simple or this gullible. But here we are, and we actually, maybe have one of them in this thread. Still not 100% convinced this isn’t a lefty running a ridiculous Trumpkin caricature alias.

    A fool and their money are soon parted and all of that.

    Maybe they live by the. ethic "It's morally wrong to allow suckers to keep their money." 

  4. 37 minutes ago, lazyike said:

    A bipartisan commission on what happened January 6 would hurt Republicans in the midterms but won’t GOP opposition to that commission also hurt Republicans or even look worse?  Or are they thinking it would reveal something so bad that it is better to look like they are putting party before country?

    Blocking an investigation won't hurt any GOP Senators or Congressmen. Their base is 100% behind the Big Lie and wants to do everything they can to minimize the violent insurrection. Voting for a bipartisan commission will increase the chance of getting primaried.

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  5. 5 minutes ago, IvanKaramazov said:

    More specifically, if you consider yourself a liberal of any flavor, China is the antithesis of everything you stand for.  You'd be sent to reeducation upon arrival if you moved there.  But it's faux outrage that they leaned on an American actor to apologize for acknowledging reality?  That's really weird.

    Do you have an example of any US exec that does business in China who ever made a similar comment that didn't apologize?  I'm not sure any of them have for the last 40 years and if they did they probably got fired.


  6. 2 hours ago, Joe Bryant said:

    Can you elaborate? Big how? And to who? I think I understand but wondering what you thought.

    This isn't something I care about much. However the US and most of the other nations of the world have a "1 China" policy. That means they recognize that Taiwan is part of China. Obviously this is at odds with reality but ever since Mao won the Chinese Civil War the US has only recognized 1 China. Until 1979 it was the ROC but then we switched to the PRC. It's both parties too, Reagan, Bush I, Bush II and Trump all had the chance to change the policy as well as the Democratic Presidents and AFAIK none of them ever tried to.

     John Cena supports the official, long time, US position that Taiwan is not a separate country from China but he's the  person you criticize when I doubt there's any big corporate CEO doing business in China that would dare sayTaiwan is a separate country. 

  7. 1 hour ago, pollardsvision said:

    You are correct on that and as far as I can tell no one is disputing that all. 

    The disagreement seems to lie in your assertion that the Democratic party before 1960 was leftist and/or liberal. 

    The Democratic party went through a major change, as happens with political parties. So oddly, what seems to be a major tangent in this thread is somehow completely on point (Parties fracturing and changing).

    In 1964 Ted Kennedy and Strom Thurmond were both US Senators and members of the Democratic Party. I don't think there would be any problem finding current Democrats with Kennedy's political philosophy. There are no Democrats that are anything like Thurmond.

  8. 1 minute ago, ekbeats said:

    The definition of conservative is simple - they want to conserve policies and traditions.  And this in juxtaposition to Progressives who want change.

    . THe vast majority of people who say they are conservative now are the people who get to define what conservatism is. What it is now is Trumpism. You want to say that's different than what it's been for most of the last 60 years I won't argue 

  9. 1 hour ago, BigJim® said:

    If you mean “Republican Party” then I agree completely. I don’t think the Republican Party has many conservative values any longer. They are not synonymous terms.

    I'm not trying to define what "conservative" means. I just think the majority of people who describe themselves as conservative get to define what conservative means. Trumpers would decribe themselves as conservative first before GOPers. I'd use different word than conservative but it would get me banned

    I really hope reasonable people like you get control of the conservative faction but I doubt it will happen.

  10. 5 minutes ago, Apple Jack said:


    Perhaps you mean Republican?

    Not really. The Trump wing of the GOP sees themselves as the real Conservatives. I don't think the Trumpers care about being Republican as much as they care about care about being conservative. 

  11. 1 hour ago, BigJim® said:

    Do you recognize the irony of describing conservatism as a fluctuating thing?

    No, not even a little. The majority people who define thmselves  get to decide who is a "true conservative". I see how it's changed over the last 50 years.  Are you denying that most people who say they are conservativse now, are die hard Trumpers?

  12. 1 hour ago, BigJim® said:

    I honestly am stupefied at use of the word ‘Conservatives’ in this thread. Who is this a reference to? I consider myself a conservative and have zero fear of any conservative political opinion I have being censored. The only censoring of true conservatives is being waged by the new retrumplican party.

    Who gets to decide who is "Conservative"?  It seems to me that the majority of people who define themselves as "Conservative" should be the people who get to define the term. At the moment the vast majority of self identifying Conservatives are die hard Trumpers and they regard everyone who isn't as not conservative.  It doesn't make you a libera but most of the conservative don't see you as part of the Red Team.. 

    I used to think Liberal and Conservative were defined by policy positions held over a long period of time. Maybe the Liberals now are not all that much different than RFK was in 1968 but the Conservatives are very different than  Richard Nixon in 1968 or Reagan in the 1970s

  13. 13 minutes ago, fatguyinalittlecoat said:

    Which is a good thing in my opinion and we should probably stop complaining about it.  

    I agree. It doesn't bother me when the many far right wing posters on here insult various left wing, center left, or centrist pols. I only object to the moderation standards that favor the far right posters. Apparently that's the standard the site owner wants from the mods. 

  14. 5 hours ago, General Malaise said:

    oh hahahahahahah....yet another joke about Biden's mental acuity.  Why is this crap tolerated?

     People who denigrated the last President's mental acuity would get suspensions.The moderation standards for this insulting POTUS appear to be much more lenient.

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  15. 4 hours ago, shadrap said:

    Don't when you print a lot of money and hand it out it devalues the dollar, thus inflation?

    I mean isn't that the crux of it?

    The last dozen years seems to contradict that. I don't understand why.

  16. 4 hours ago, Dinsy Ejotuz said:

    Liberals are so stupid sometimes.  Cheney is doing the lords work, right now, on the biggest threat to its existence the country has faced since the Civil War.  Who cares what her positions are on other things right now?  Recognize the courage and applaud it.  Fight about the other stuff if democracy survives the moment.

    Democrats praising her probably expedites the end of her leadership position. I expect some ultra right opponent beats her in the primary next year.



  17. 6 hours ago, Charlie Steiner said:

    I think without the 'disparity', the power in each state swings so far to the most populous areas, aka the cities, which will basically negate any power non-urban areas would have.  Further down the road, I believe making a CITY a state sets a bad precedent, because then Los Angeles, Chicago, New York City, etc. will want to follow suit, and this will be the justification.

    Not that I'm unique here, but as someone who grew up in one of the counties in MD that borders DC, I know that DC residents use the addresses of friends/family that live in MD (and probably VA) to enable their kids to go to schools outside of DC. I'm not judging here, only pointing out that this practice (it's doubtful any concrete numbers can ever be produced that would show how prevalent it is), and probably other similar practices to take advantage of the benefits provided by neighboring states are causing a drain on the bordering counties and states economies. To me, making DC a state probably wouldn't change this issue, as I doubt the DC school systems and local programs (welfare, social services, etc) will magically change into something more desirable, so from a more politically neutral perspective, I think while it would be complicated, making DC residents fall under MD and VA for voting and administrative purposes makes more sense.  On the MD side, the two counties that would be most affected, Prince George's (the richest per capita African-American county in the country) and Montgomery (one of the overall richest counties in the country) pretty much dictate the politics for the entire state already, so this wouldn't really tip state politics much either, and the DC citizens would get their beloved representation.

    I think Md doesn't want DC and DC would rather be on its own.

  18. 52 minutes ago, Sand said:

    This population runs the machinery of the federal government.  They have huge influence as it is.

    And of course neither would vote for it.  They both see the opportunity for a new blue state.

    When I lived in the DC metro area ~25 years ago I was under the impression that most of the people who worked for the federal government lived in Maryland and Virginia not in DC itself. I'd guess the same was / is true for the elected Reps and Senators. I can't recall either Virginia or Maryland having any additional power due to proximity.

    There's been discussion on this board about how the divide in the country is divide between rural and urban area.The rural areas of the country have more than their share of power - at least if it's based on population and economic impact.  Making DC a state, IMO, would reduce that disparity.


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