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  1. I thought this was much better known. Have you ever heard the story about the time Nixon rode with Hunter S Thompson from a campaign event to the airport? HST & Nixon ride to airport
  2. Nixon visits the hippies It was not a planned and controlled event. Nixon, on an apparent whim, decided to go to the Lincoln Memorial in the pre-dawn hours.
  3. A few days after the Kent State massacre in 1970 Richard Nixon went to the Lincoln Memorial and talked to anti-war protestors.
  4. Seems to me if they don't require body cams be on all the time there's no point to having them at all.
  5. The only thing conservatives at the time liked about MLK is he wasn't Malcom X.
  6. It wasn't just the radical right, it was pretty much all of the mainstream right too.
  7. I'd guess that natural selection would favor mutations that make the virus more contagious and less deadly.
  8. I wish I had some good advice. Nothing has worked long term for me. Eat healthy Exercise Don't post at 3AM
  9. The only alternate explanation for the "extra" deaths I can think of is some people are dying from avoiding needed medical care because they want to avoid hospitals or other medical facilities. It seems unlikely all of the extra deaths would be due to that. To discuss this there some data/facts everyone accepts. ( if these statements are false I'd like to look the links saying so) 1. There are additional deaths this year compared to previous years. 2. The deaths attributed to covid-19 are fewer than the additional deaths by a statistically signigicant amount. What's the case for the additional deaths that doesn't include higher than reported covid deaths?
  10. How did the state athletic commission sanction this fight?
  11. How many deaths from covid-19 is in your best case scenarion? Last week I saw the 100-240K scenario. I saw one today in the WaPo with 60K by August 1. "The IHME’s estimate of 60,000 deaths takes us only to August and excludes any potential deaths that might occur in the fall and winter if the virus continues to spread without effective treatments or a vaccine." Even if the DOW gets to 90% of it's high, it seems very unlikely that unemployment will be at or below 5% by August 1. (or November 1st) Are we gonna end the "stay at home" edicts in most of the US May 1? Are we going to remove the travel bans? Open bars and restuarants? If we do, will people fly or go out to eat/drink at the same level as they did in February? Will they be able to afford to? IMO 60K dead people by 8/1 will outweigh the realistic economic best case for Trump's chances.
  12. Middle East Peace should be "This one goes to minus 11."
  13. I can answer those questions. 1. Jared is involved because he is married to the President's daughter. 2. In a word - NO. 3. 🤣
  14. When the "daily deaths" stat starts to consistently drop it will be a signal we've passed the peak.
  15. Sure, otoh Jon is probably correct that the daily deaths is the best data point available. Maybe tracking how many people are hospitalized would be better but I haven't seen any data for that.
  16. What's the point of being rich and powerful if you get equal treatment with the average people?
  17. https://www.aei.org/economics/9-out-of-10-economists-agree/ The Initiative on Global Markets (IGM) – part of the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business – has assembled an expert panel of 40 economists, representing a broad range of demographic groups and political viewpoints. Every week, these economists are asked whether they agree or disagree with a policy-related statement. The economists can also rate their level of confidence in their answer. IGM compiles both raw tallies of the economists’ answers as well as confidence-weighted tallies (i.e., where an economist who is more confident of his or her answer gets more weight). Question: Trade with China makes most Americans better off because, among other advantages, they can buy goods that are made or assembled more cheaply in China. Confidence weighted responses Agree/Strongly Agree 100% This is from 2012 but as far as I know economists (liberal or conservative) have not abandoned belief in comparative advantage.
  18. I don't think that nationalization would be considered. I just prefer it to a bailout. Otoh I can't see any reason they couldn't go through bankruptcy have their assets sold for pennies on the dollar and have air travel be just as "good" as it is now.
  19. Why bailout the investors? If the airlines go bankrupt maybe we'd be better off nationalizing the failed airlines. That way we'd keep the vital service going without rewarding bad management.
  20. He is not anywhere near Hillary in hatred from the right.
  21. I recall a number of your polls that I thought were push polls to criticize anti-trump rhetoric. It seems you put thse polls out there when you think the left has gone too far but never put them out there when the right goes too far like Don Jr this week.
  22. I can only say from what I've read my chances of dying are more likely than most if I get this. So I hope the Trump administration does a good job. OTOH everything I've read about his admin has convinced managagemnt of all federal agencies is rlegatated to currupt political hacks aho are incompetent. (See Michael Lewis The Fifft Risk)
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