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  1. I just hope “growth” doesn’t mean “Snyder told me Haskins’ role had better grow fast if I want my bank account to keep growing.” But I have my suspicions.
  2.  I assume he will be in competition with Brandon Powell. I wouldn't be surprised if they sign someone to try out as well.  If he’s only competing with himself, sounds like he has this all locked up!
  3. From the article: This should fill Redskins fans and Haskins owners alike with overwhelming confidence... Seriously, how many of the NFL’s franchises would have owners involved in choosing a starting QB? More than two?
  4. Lock in Haskins for week 1 then. It’s been decades since the Redskins met a formula for disaster they didn’t fully embrace.
  5. Don't forget the possibility of Joe Williams as the new GM too...
  6. Just take a romantic weekend getaway to a nice romantic resort and spend the whole time watching all of them.
  7. Can't recall who said it, but a Detroit analyst suggested on a recent podcast (Locked on NFL Draft maybe?) that the Lions wouldn't draft a "#1 Corner" because it would upset Slay. I did a WTF at that and thought it insane...but here the Lions are once again ignoring a gaping hole in their defense. Any locals think there's something to this crazy story?
  8. As long as trading down doesn’t net him any 2nds to blow, it’s probably a good move...
  9. This is the team that inexplicably stuck with Christian Hackenberg for an opening season losing streak characterized by horrid QB play before fonally moving on to Zach Mettenberg for merely mediocre QB play and a 1-1 record since. Nothing to lose with Manziel, but doubtful they’ll notice much difference...
  10. Somewhat surprised he even made the team. Didn’t see anything in preseason to impress, and plenty to question.
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