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  1. Felt the same way. (My review back a few pages) RP1 was fun for me, good story with the pop culture references placed well . RP2 seemed like a pop culture lesson with very little story.
  2. Dark mode is awesome, but when on mobile, when someone is tagged the text is almost unreadable for me. It used to have a background highlight, but now the blue text has a darker background. (Example: @MindCrime ) I know my eyes aren’t getting better as I age, but this may be a simple format text option.
  3. I started following this thread when my kid hit 9th grade and took the time to read it from page one forward to catch up. Son is now a junior in HS and I must admit, I’d be clueless right now without the info and experiences shared here. As always, the FFA comes through!
  4. I’m all in for the Syndergaard vs. Bauer Twitter war. And then he said....
  5. I really wanted Bauer, but the price tag was huge, and in the end he wanted to play at home. While I’m disappointed, the fact that the Mets have actually been in on the bidding for top FAs is amazing! We still need a SP. deGrom, Stroman, Carrasco, Peterson, Luchese (Until Thor returns) is fine, but little depth. At least this puts Lugo back to reliever where he belongs. Signed Almora today, who gives us a good 4th OF and strong defensively, but this guy is just Juan Lagares with a different name. (FYI- Lagares has been tearing it up in the Dominican Winter League- he’ll be a st
  6. Almost ashamed to say this, but at 48 years old, I’m reading the Lord of the Rings for the first time. 🤷‍♂️ also, just finished “Misery”, great read!
  7. And as a follow up, last week I got a mailer from my current mortgage company (Mr. Cooper) regarding refinancing. Rate was 3.125%, although that was pretty small font compared to the “You can save $$$$$$$$” part. Needless to say, the rate I got from Chad was much lower.
  8. Stopping in to say a huge “Thanks” to @Chadstromafor the refi. Dropped a few years off my mortgage and lowered my monthly $$, best of both worlds. Signed on Monday night, Chad made this super easy and didn’t take long to get through.
  9. Things are good, thanks. yeah, feel the sMe about springer but 6/$150 is excessive imo, and would have hurt tge other extensions like you mentioned. Bradley works for me, but really, any upgrade at CF that allows us to slide Nimmo to left is helpful. Hoping to see Lindor and Conforto get extended prior to the season. The Brad Hand situation is still there too- but with May in the mix and Lugo back to the bullpen, I’d love to have him but not a top priority imo.
  10. No lie- I literally told this to my 17 year old last night. (Not sure if that makes me a good parent or a crappy one, but hey... teachable moments, i guess.)
  11. Sorry I’m late, still stunned over the Flyers getting 2 PPGs. Nice to see Nolan Patrick out there, hope the kid can get through some games with no issues.
  12. I was kinda down on Lindor because we have bigger needs, imo. But the fact that we already got McCann, and Carrasco comes with Lindor??? HFS 😲
  13. This ^^^^^^ Oh, and Yankee fans on twitter going ballistic because they haven’t done anything this offseason? Priceless!
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