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  1. I’ll be in Tampa Friday night for the game. Peterson on the bump, hoping to see the winning streak continue.
  2. It isn’t always pretty, but it sure is exciting right now. The Bench Mob of Pillar, Villar, Nido, and now Mazeika are getting things done for the Mets right now, and our pitching is amazingly strong. Looking forward to having a healthy rotation anf adding Lugo and Syndergaard back into the mix.
  3. Starting the process of remodeling 2 bathrooms. Both are very “70’s” (think blue tub in one, faded yellow shower tile in another). These are the final 2 rooms in the house to be remodeled. Have our first contractor coming to meet us on Tuesday, have 2 more contractors that I’m trying to schedule before we move ahead. I’m not looking forward to this process, but can’t wait to finally have the whole house remodeled to our liking. eta- Not moving any plumbing. Want everything gutted. New drywall, tile, fixtures, vanities, tub/shower, and exhaust fans. Have already priced out much of t
  4. Quote of the day on Twitter “Thank God we get deGrom’s bat back in the lineup tonight!” 🤣
  5. Mets fan here, so obviously have some serious bias, but what deGrom does each start is amazing and so much fun to watch. And yes, he’s a machine.
  6. Make that “Opening Weekend”.
  7. Cryptonomicon is the only one I’ve read, but really enjoyed it. Not quite “light reading”, but enjoyable. Which Stephenson book should be next on my list?
  8. Silver lining? I don’t have to listen to ARod call tonights game for ESPN. (Although I’ve gotten good at pausing the tv to align it with Howie Rose on radio)
  9. 10 years $341 Mil for Lindor. (Actually 11 at 363 since it doesn’t kick in until after this year’s 22 mil contract). Better than the 12/385 that he was reportedly seeking, and it supposedly includes some deferred $$, but I like that it ended up being a negotiation at the end. Cohen has cash, but stuck with his “not going to spend like a drunken sailor” idea. now we can move on to Opening Day!
  10. As for players under contract, I really think that Tijuan Walker is going to shine this year. He may end up being our 2nd best SP. the lack of DH this year hurts our defense, as we have to find ways to shoehorn Dom Smith into the field to get his bat in our lineup. Alonso looks very strong, glad to see he deleted all social media and just concentrated on baseball this spring. McNeil was in a funk this spring (although getting hit by pitch 7 (!) times during spring), but I have faith in him. JD was ok at 3rd, enough to make me comfortable with him going into tge season, but I expect Guillo
  11. Mets and Lindor supposedly off by 2 years and $60 Mil. I think the Mets have a strong offer at 10 years 325, don’t like the additional 2 years that Lindor is looking for, but would rather land him now then wait and play the market next year when owners have more available $$$ and there may be bidding wars with other SS hitting FA. Hoping they can finalize Lindor then negotiate with Conforto during the season, but I don’t have high hopes since Conforto is with Scott Boras.
  12. Caution on some of the smaller, cheaper projectors that you can get on amazon: many say that they support full hd, or “1920x1080”, but that just means that they can accept that resolution. It does not mean that they project that resolution. Most of the under $200 projectors downscale the input and output a much smaller resolution. On a bigger screen, this lower resolution can look like crap. If you dig through the specs you will find “Native Resolution “ which is what the projectors actually output. On a bigger screen, I’d look for at least 720.
  13. I read “Dark Matter” a few years back and enjoyed it. For some reason the Pines trilogy has not been available digitally from my library, but finally broke down and bought it.
  14. So my son (Junior in HS) is nervous about this whole process because he isn’t ready to commit to a college major or career. I keep telling him to think of his interests and what classes he’s enjoyed in HS so far, but also to look at what career population a specific major can lead to. And I’ve explained how he can change majors if needed, etc. But he still seems nervous. How did everyone else deal with this? (I went to college many years ago, did not complete that degree, but went in somewhat blind originally as a “telecommunications” major because i like radio and tv. Eventually
  15. To be honest, I’ve never seen the show, but had the Pines trilogy on my list for a while. Had some amazon credits to use so just bought the trilogy. Looking forward to it.
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