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  1. I just read LOTR for the first time this past spring. I liked it, didn’t love it. Worth it to check off my list, but some times in just trudged along and I wasn’t real excited to open it.
  2. Oh boy, I hope he doesn’t see this! 🤣🤣🤣
  3. No idea on GCU either, sorry. But your son and mine sound somewhat on the same paths. My son (hs senior) has played baseball for most of his life, but knows that even D3 is probably not an option for him, so he’s looking at IM (club) baseball as his route to keep playing the game. It’s low on his list when choosing schools, but he’d love tge chance to keep playing. Right now is his biggest issue is that he’d love to be 1-4 hours away from home, loves the campus of South Florida (1.5 hours away). Also liked Florida Gulf Coast (3 hours away). But…. He wants to major in Forensic Science, and UCF has a top 10 Forensics program. Unfortunately UCF is literally 3 miles from our house. good luck!
  4. I really enjoyed it. At first i was hesitant because so much of it came from one perspective (unlike World War Z, which had many different stories intertwined around the main story). In the end, it worked because the story was centered in a small community in which the main storyteller interacts with all of the key characters, while sprinkling in some external interviews to round everything out. Solid characters and good story overall.
  5. Finished “Coffin Dancer” (second in the Lincol Rhyme series). Loved it, and will definitely continue on in that series. Taking a turn to something different- Devolution by Max Brooks (World War Z). About 1/4 way into it and so far I’m liking it. It’s in the same style as WWZ ( journal entries, interviews that piece together the story) and I wish that there were more varied points of view, as thus far most of it has come from one narrative.
  6. Wasn’t sure what to read next, went with “ The Bone Collector “ by Jeffrey Deaver. (1st in the Lincoln Rhyme series) I blew through it and loved it. Any insight on the rest of the series? I think theres 12 total? Worth continuing on?
  7. Finished “Project Hail Mary” by Andy Weir. If you liked The Martian, I highly recommend it. Plenty of humorous one-liners mixed with sci-fi tech.
  8. Mike Howe, former lead singer of Metal Church.
  9. Finished the Wayward Pines trilogy- loved it! On to “Project Hail Mary” by Andy Weir. (The Martian). It has me hooked 30 pages in.
  10. And proceed to hit 7 home runs to win 15-11 in 11 innings. Despite two horrible defensive outings in the last 2 games with lots of “lol” tweets, the Mets won both games with their bats, which hasn’t been the case all year.
  11. Have a tour set up for Florida Gulf Coast University in a week. Anyone have any experience there? It’s much smaller than U.South Florida and UCF which are also on the short list, not sure how my son will react to the difference in scale, but looks promising.
  12. Kumar Rocker falling to the Mets with the 10th pick would’ve never happened under the Wilpons. (Yes, i know they have nothing to do with each other. But I also know that the dark clouds over this organization are finally lifting) LFGM
  13. I’m a Mets fan who lives in Central Florida. Watch many games via MLB app, also listen via mlb radio. Mets have the best tv and radio booths in mlb, imo, and makes watching/listening so much more enjoyable. I hate when we are on ESPN, usually mute the tv, use the dvr to pause the game enough to sync it with the Mets radio feed. Also- my son (17) and I went to see the Mets about 2 months ago when they were in Tampa. Lost the game but still had a blast
  14. My son has been assisting/coaching/ umpiring at his old Little League all through high school. It’s been very rewarding for him, in addition to racking up volunteer hours. He’s also considered teaching, but leaning towards other options now as he approaches college.
  15. Started The Wayward Pines series. (Been on my list for a while)
  16. Broke the screen on my Apple Watch series 3 a couple weeks ago. Looking for a series 6. Best Buy already has them marked down $70, hoping to see better deals tomorrow. (Don’t care if it’s Amazon or some other retailer. Just want to save some bucks)
  17. My favorite stat from last night? 671 pitches into his year, deGrom throws his first curveball of the season. 85mph strike. 🤪
  18. So Alonso and Lugo being activated today is not surprising. Kevin Pillar being activated today, after what- 2 weeks? Since taking 95mph to the face? @jamnysaid above that Lindor’s attitude is a big reason for the team’s success, and while I don’t disagree that it’s helped, I think the veteran Pillar just became the team motivational leader. (Think 2019 Todd Frazier- but Pillar can hit)
  19. Autobots / Decepticons Goonies/ Fratellies Wolverines/ Evil Russians Mogwai/Gremlins
  20. That was… something?! Mets get the win in 12. Two guys (Hager and Lee) get their first MLB hit in the top of the 12th to win it. Amazing.
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