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  1. People who are merging onto the highway not paying attention to what other vehicles may, or may not be in the lane they're merging into.....as if the expectation is that everyone just needs to yield for you and your stupid Audi! WE'RE LIVING IN A SOCIETY!!
  2. I dumped this turd for Toney. Just happy to have him off my roster.
  3. Ive heard this from other people. For me, it just allows me to fall into deep REM sleep
  4. Some people find their value, and identity in their careers. Some people work for the weekend......count me in that group. My best fishin buddy and I don't utter a solitary word about our work lives when we are on a weekend fishing trip......we occasionally are joined by another friend who wants to talk about work all weekend....and he's not very passionate about the fishing.....we kinda stopped inviting him. Someone else on here said it......find something you are good at/can grow in, don't make it your entire life, and find passion outside of work.....work life balance, homez
  5. A lifelong walk to the... same exact spot Carbons anniversary The parting of the sensory
  6. My in laws give us #### for having Alexa listening in on our convos.......thing is, we are pretty boring. She hears us talking about french press coffee, and sore knees.
  7. I'm almost ashamed to admit this, but we have Amazon prime and the Alexa app with three different speakers in our house.......I've only been able to stump Alexa once on a song. It's been a great way for my kids to get exposed to all kinds of music......I'm torn because Amazon is so handy, but they are also a huge, soul sucking corporation that is now listening to everything in my house! Lol. We just make an effort to support small local businesses too and not order everything from amazon
  8. DJax I just read ur OP, and it was inspring. I have a nephew who is autistic, and my son has recently been diagnosed with OCD. I feel blessed that the shut down actually brought my son's condition to light. He, and us (his parents) are getting the help we need for him to be successful.....I was prolly much like your dad in the beginning, but I've come around. I've dealt with anxiety/depression in some form, for most of my life. I have more self awareness now than I've ever had so that helped me to have empathy, and motivation to be open to whatever needs to be done. Anyway, I think it's really cool that you realized you can handle maybe more than you thought you could. Keep on keepin on brother!.....even though ur a dirty eagle! Lol
  9. Collosal classic rock party mix.....with a few randos Marley- Could you be loved Floyd- Wish you were here Bowie- Station to Station Beatles- Something Zep-Stairway Who-Baba O'Riley Stones- Tumblin Dice PJ- Alive Lauper-Time after Time Stones- Wild Horses Petty-Freefallin Erykah Badu- Tyrone.....rando for this list Billie Holiday- Strange Fruit....kinda rando Marley- No Woman No Cry...Frat boy approved! Dixie Chicks-Goodbye Earl....wha?! Lil Richard- Tuti Fruit Bo Didley- Bo Didley Joni Mitchell-River Drake-Take Care....haha last, and definitely least!.... Bad Bunny- Saefara
  10. Am I the only one who doesn't do Spotify? Maybe I'll get all the CD's I don't already have and send out a mix disc😀
  11. Best? I'll throw out a couple faves currently......it changes and who's gonna agree on best ever? Lateralus Time
  12. Thanks!.....this is a fun group, and I enjoy the back and forth. It's a good distraction from a lot of the bull crap that goes on in the day to day
  13. Not sure about the execution part, but I agree with big picture here. Our politicians do not serve us. They serve big money and they get their pockets lined. It's total bull####
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