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  1. What's your favorite readily accessible bourbon? Cost is completely to your discretion (i.e. we aren't necessarily talking bang for buck but if that is in your consideration up to you). I'll admit that readability available is somewhat unique depending on geographical location. For example, I live in Cincy so I'm just across the river from KY and what I have readability available won't necessarily be the same for others. My readability accessible winner is Old Forester 1920 Prohibition. Cost is $55, proof 115, great nose and taste & I know that no matter what store I go to that this
  2. The EHTBP was Kroger but the Bardstown Discovery was at an OHLQ that doubles as a Marathon Gas Station. I've marked those two stores, know their drop days & times and keep tabs. It pays I guess to live close to KY.
  3. Certainly some vortex wings and maybe some armadillo eggs (haven't made it a while). Might also go to Costco and see if they have any Japanese A5 grade wagyu. Was watching a YouTube video yesterday of a guy who picked up some at his Costco. Apparently due to the pandemic they are shipping it to large wholesale stores to move it because it isn't selling like it normally would.
  4. Kroger in Cincinnati. This particular store does their drop on Monday morning. Gotta get there real early, get in line and wait to see what the days drop brings. There's Reddit threads that will give a hint as to what the week might bring.
  5. I got a few over the last two months that I'm really digging (four to be exact, three I've never had and one I have). One I've had is Stagg Jr. Never disappoints. The three new are EH Taylor Barrel Proof (130.3 proof), Makers Mark Wood Finishing SE4 x PR5 and the last is Bardstown Discovery Series 3. All are fantastic but the Bardstown might be the favorite. At $130 it isn't cheap but if you see it on the shelf it's absolutely worth the cost (I went back and picked up a second bottle).
  6. Evan Williams BiB (white label) is $17-$18 & is way under valued. A few mentioned earlier are Wild Turkey 101 and Buffalo Trace. Another that's just a little more above $30 worth mentioning is Four Roses Small Batch.
  7. Damn, just found this thread. I could have used the motivation to lose some weight.
  8. This either ends one of two ways IMO. He's either going to die or end up on an NFL roster. History has shown us over and over again that there is always some NFL team willing to claim a player of the trash heap and take a chance. So, as long as he doesn't run himself off the cliff one fool team will see him low risk (i.e. cheap contract) with upside.
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