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  1. I believe that image rehabilitation in the NFL is a bit of a car wash but I can't see how they're going to run Watson through it this quickly and under these circumstances.This would be like changing his name to "WesShaun Datson", putting a fake moustache on him and trying to pretend he's someone else.
  2. I'm pretty much on the other side of this and was considering offering Mixon for CMC. I am 2-4 and have only Kamara and Davis otherwise. It's pretty much season-defining risk and I don't think I have the stomach for it.
  3. Have to at least hang until he gets us that fantasy bonus at 300 yds right?
  4. In most franchising models, the parent company has a set of rules and expectations that if not met, allows them to take that franchise away from you. There are lots of zeros involved here but I'm sure buyers could be found. If NFL franchises don't work this way, it's only because they don't want them to.
  5. I feel like this is one of those disconnects fantasy players experience between what should be happening and what actually is happening. So far, the Bengals don't seem to care what we think about Perine.
  6. ... and finding ways to keep Shenault from touching the ball.
  7. In general terms, when it comes to overriding your host settings, the juice usually isn't worth the squeeze.
  8. Just put him in over Mike Davis. If I'm going down, I may as well have some fun doing it.
  9. He's a guy I had to have this year and clearly my intuition is broken as well.
  10. Are "Pollard truthers" anyone who thought he was doing more with his touches over the first few games? If so, I am one. Zeke has looked great the last two games but the two observations regarding Pollard and Zeke are not mutually exclusive.
  11. My league host allows these changes until kick-off so it's hard to envision a scenario where someone is capable of emailing me (commish) to alert me of the problem yet simultaneously somehow unable to fix it themselves. If there was some reasonable, hypothetical situation like that and I had time-stamped communication of what they wanted their line-up to be, I would have no problem going in and editing their line-up and the people in my league would have no problem with me doing it.
  12. I think what he meant to say was, "We're on to Tennessee".
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