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  1. Another potential sore spot with players on an under cap team. Wait, you can't afford to get us more help but you can give this guy $10-12MM?
  2. On the coaching hire, they should have settled for the "base hit" instead of trying for the home run. There has to be plenty of "not terrible" coaches to choose from. They have the Lawrence pick, cap space and some decent pieces in place. Who wouldn't be excited to come in and take on that challenge?
  3. I've been reflecting on what it really means for Brady to walk on to a new team and immediately win it all. This isn't the NBA where LeBron makes a few phone calls in the off season and goes to Miami. Tampa looked to be in pretty good shape on paper going into the season but the odds against actually manifesting it have to be extremely long.
  4. So to be clear, TB12 held KC to 9 points then?
  5. I really like Godwin but I feel like he drops an awful lot of balls that hit him in the hands - too many to be "a one". Jordy Nelson got over that I guess and maybe Godwin will too but it's really tough on a franchise when it signs a guy they thought was a "one" who turns out to be a "two".
  6. Evidently they didn't love what they saw in practice enough to play him during Brees' multi game absence. Wouldn't you be looking for a level of love that keeps Taysom Hill on the bench?
  7. Winston deserves to be employed but his development hit a glass ceiling and it will be difficult to convince anyone that coaching or system or a change of scenery is suddenly going to cause him to break through that ceiling. The safe bet is that he is what he is and will continue to make the kind of poor decisions that make play-off teams not play-off teams.
  8. It's a fair point that as a fan I think they should care about "their legacy" but that doesn't mean they do or should. I think the player Bell was at his apex will be forgotten and that process will only be accelerated by his post hold out career.
  9. One person's "fresh legs" is another person's "rust". In other words, these perceptions tend to be more bias-confirming than anything. Put me in the camp that you don't simply step away from the game and then step back in without some degradation of physical skills or mental "edge".
  10. The issue isn't the quality of the situation in NO. The issue is that NO should be a pretty attractive destination for a number of available QBs and if I was NO, I'd be looking for someone fairly "Brees-like" - in other words, someone who doesn't throw 1000 INTs a year.
  11. "Better than most" is a quandary. When you are considering moving on from a Tomlin, you need to acknowledge that he's an instant and significant upgrade for a number of teams. That has to give you pause. Then there's the Andy Reid / Philly factor. Sometimes it is "time to go" solely because change is needed but you better be sure because you can quickly find yourself in a coaching turnstile for years.
  12. Just a reminder that someone's football IQ can be "off the charts" in the other direction...
  13. For players that spark a conversation, it's often more about what various people think should be enough to get a player in rather than what actually does get a player in. I'd be pretty surprised if he doesn't get in.
  14. Six touches isn't "a point" related to Hunt unless this is a thread about the Browns' game planning this week. If you want to argue he lacks the skillset or the ability to shoulder the workload, then make that argument but frankly, he's demonstrated that he has both of those things based on an adequate "sample size".
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