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  1. There'll be peace when we are done...
  2. Waiting another week. If he doesn't get to touch the ball on the positive side of the LOS this week, I'm out.
  3. for context, I play redraft and don't own him. I think he's a rookie with one career carry and a concussion so I'd be pretty hesitant to write his eulogy right now. I'm not in the "potential league winner" camp and I think there's wisdom in avoiding that entire backfield but if you've gone and gotten yourself involved in it, he's the one I would be inclined to get involved with.
  4. In redraft, when his current owner has forsaken all hope, I'll be there.
  5. I'm also seeing CEH as an accessory in this offence rather than an essential ingredient. He may have better statistical games but I don't see him as a "We need to get CEH more involved" type guy.
  6. Winston had better WR talent in Tampa but they didn't reduce the number of bad decisions he made, they only meant better outcomes for some of them. They can "clean things up" to a degree and win some games but they aren't beating good football teams with this guy.
  7. I have to think Green is eventually de-emphasized in this offence. At some point you have to look to the future. Hopkins is the present. Moore and Kirk (hopefully) are the future.
  8. Everything implies choices. Unless we're at the point where words fail to have any meaning, "droppable" implies to me this player will not help your team and you're better off looking elsewhere. If he said this in the middle of a conversation about 10 team leagues, fair enough but absent that context it's a pretty poor outlook for Moss.
  9. In your specific situation I wouldn't make the trade. There are four potential outcomes (in simple terms): no injury to CMC or Kamara, injury to one but not the other or an injury to both. I think I prefer Jones in all but one of those scenarios.
  10. I am Ridley / Nuk / DK as well. I love DK but I liked his ADP a lot more last year than this year. I think Lockett is still a big part of that passing game.
  11. When I write multiple choice test questions, I sometimes follow each one up with a "How confident are you in that answer?" type question. I picked Davis but I am only "somewhat confident" so I picked up Gallman as well.
  12. I am in on Mixon this year. My main fear is that he disappears when we need him the most (fantasy play-offs).
  13. I was the opposite of you this year. The number of RBs I usually need = N + 1 where N is the number I have. Davis is my N + 1 (available to me at 6.07).
  14. This aligns with how I tend to see it. Michael Thomas might have "league winning upside" as a later round pick but Barkley probably doesn't. The upside is like having two firsts. The downside is potentially like not getting a second round pick at all.
  15. This is essentially where I was. At some point in your draft he is a starting RB on an NFL team with Patterson and guys I had to Google behind him.
  16. I'm trying to decide if the Jags implode this season and if so, do I bet on Robinson as a way to "short" the Jags offence? Maybe Shenault is the play there?
  17. Every year we have a handful of heated debates over what coaches should do with personnel versus what they likely will do. It's interesting for awhile but in fantasy terms only the latter really means anything.
  18. Eye surgery would be helpful but my guess is a season and a half of humility probably helps as well. We know it's bad for a QB's psyche when he constantly feels like he's going to be benched after every mistake. For much of Winston's time in TB, it was the polar opposite of that. To go from that to a backup role with a "prove it" deal would require some internal truth and reconciliation I think.
  19. My concern with the Jax offense for fantasy is, a lot of things are different this year but will different translate to better? I had Chark last year. He was healthy for the most part but it turns out my league doesn't award any fantasy points for "field stretching".
  20. Chark / Jones combo won't matter much if there's no time for anything to develop.
  21. I think there's more upside to Stafford if "the plan" there all comes together. Sometimes they just don't - that or they don't come together until after your fantasy season is sunk. I'm not directly comparing the two situations but I recall when OBJ first went to Cleveland people were love drunk over what those offensive pieces were going to do together.
  22. Being risk averse I would lean Tannehill simply due to him experiencing less change in his situation. Stafford could simply fail to gel despite a great "on paper" situation.
  23. So I'm reading your post and I'm thinking that was pretty unnecessary eh?
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