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  1. Rhule was his college coach so maybe he has a better chance there since they know each other.
  2. I would not give up an early 2020 1st for Sanders as I think there are at least 5-6 guys that will be better.
  3. Just offered today I get: Malcolm Brown, James White, Mohamed Sanu, Vernon Davis, Vance McDonald I give: Mike Evans, Nick Chubb, 2019 Rookie Pick 2.11 I thought the inclusion of the Rookie Pick was classic since I wasn't already giving up enough for this pile of crap. Oh, and we have to cut rosters to 18 before the draft...
  4. Well, I think it is definitely something you keep in the back of your mind, especially if they have been in trouble before. Guys like Zeke, Josh Gordon, Le'veon Bell, Antonio Calloway, Dede Westbrook, Kareem Hunt, Aaron Hernandez etc. etc. you have to remember and take it into account. I think we all understand that we are taking risks with some of these players but when they haven't been in trouble in-a-while, we tend to forget and it can come back to haunt us. Some owners want nothing to do with them...no matter the price. I think it's something you factor in, just like age, injur
  5. 12 Team PPR Gave Christian Kirk, Josh Reynolds Got Marlon Mack
  6. OBJ and Landry on the same team...that means the Browns will definitely lead the NFL in one-handed catches this year! 🏈🖐️📣
  7. That's quite a haul for Cooper. Gimme Harry and all the picks please!
  8. I was in a league where trades were voted and some owners voted against all trades that didn't involve them - it had nothing to do with collusion or fairness of the trade, they just didn't want other teams to improve. Anyway, it's stupid and it slows down the process. I will never be in a league that vetoes trades again. Also, how many times have the majority of people thought a trade was unfair or one-side for one team only to look back a year later and to see that was not the case.
  9. I think you outsmarted yourself - Wilson easily. He was bothered by a hammy early in the year but was the #3 QB (behind Mahomes and Ben) the 2nd 1/2 of the season. In 7 seasons he's never finished below QB1 and is only 30. Plus, he gets a lot of rushing yards when he's right. Garoppolo has shown flashes but at his best, he doesn't match Wilson and the pick doesn't move the needle for me.
  10. 12 team ppr Gave Robert Foster Got 2019 2.10 I like Foster's upside and might not have traded for this is most leagues but in this particular league he was my WR6 and we have to cut to 18 before the draft and then rosters increase to 22.
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