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  1. Rhule was his college coach so maybe he has a better chance there since they know each other.
  2. I would not give up an early 2020 1st for Sanders as I think there are at least 5-6 guys that will be better.
  3. Just offered today I get: Malcolm Brown, James White, Mohamed Sanu, Vernon Davis, Vance McDonald I give: Mike Evans, Nick Chubb, 2019 Rookie Pick 2.11 I thought the inclusion of the Rookie Pick was classic since I wasn't already giving up enough for this pile of crap. Oh, and we have to cut rosters to 18 before the draft...
  4. Well, I think it is definitely something you keep in the back of your mind, especially if they have been in trouble before. Guys like Zeke, Josh Gordon, Le'veon Bell, Antonio Calloway, Dede Westbrook, Kareem Hunt, Aaron Hernandez etc. etc. you have to remember and take it into account. I think we all understand that we are taking risks with some of these players but when they haven't been in trouble in-a-while, we tend to forget and it can come back to haunt us. Some owners want nothing to do with them...no matter the price. I think it's something you factor in, just like age, injury history and team offense. At the end of the day, like Josh Gordon and Kareem Hunt, it sucks if you lose one of your prime time players. But I guess it is no different (worse) than losing someone to injury - except, in most leagues you can't even use IR for these types of situations... I've held Gordon in some leagues for years with little to show and I'm still not sure whether to cut bait. 😞
  5. 12 Team PPR Gave Christian Kirk, Josh Reynolds Got Marlon Mack
  6. OBJ and Landry on the same team...that means the Browns will definitely lead the NFL in one-handed catches this year! 🏈🖐️📣
  7. That's quite a haul for Cooper. Gimme Harry and all the picks please!
  8. I was in a league where trades were voted and some owners voted against all trades that didn't involve them - it had nothing to do with collusion or fairness of the trade, they just didn't want other teams to improve. Anyway, it's stupid and it slows down the process. I will never be in a league that vetoes trades again. Also, how many times have the majority of people thought a trade was unfair or one-side for one team only to look back a year later and to see that was not the case.
  9. I think you outsmarted yourself - Wilson easily. He was bothered by a hammy early in the year but was the #3 QB (behind Mahomes and Ben) the 2nd 1/2 of the season. In 7 seasons he's never finished below QB1 and is only 30. Plus, he gets a lot of rushing yards when he's right. Garoppolo has shown flashes but at his best, he doesn't match Wilson and the pick doesn't move the needle for me.
  10. 12 team ppr Gave Robert Foster Got 2019 2.10 I like Foster's upside and might not have traded for this is most leagues but in this particular league he was my WR6 and we have to cut to 18 before the draft and then rosters increase to 22.
  11. IMO he's paid for the year so how can you restrict his trading rights? His only sin is that he let his intentions be known in advance. There may be 2-3 other owners that will also quit and already know they will be leaving the league but won't tell you until the year is over. As long as there is no collusion suspected where he is giving away star players for junk then I don't think there is anything you should do. I'd expect he would go all-in for this year and trade his young/unproven players and players on IR for players that can help now and I have no problem with that. In every league I'm in you have to pay to trade future picks so that shouldn't be an issue. I would be less concerned about this person, than the ones that basically tank. At least you know where this person is coming from. I've been is some leagues where I knew I was leaving but I always tried to make my team better anyway. There are some teams that never even put in waiver claims (busy? lazy?), do you take actions against them?
  12. Wilson by a wide margin in start 2 QB league. A top QB like him you can plug in for 25 a game - has much more value than even a "good" WR or RB. Even the 1.05 is a bit of a dart shoot this year - best case scenario is you get the best QB at 5, he's probably not going to be as good as Wilson.
  13. I'll take the picks not even knowing who's available... I think I can do better in the draft.
  14. Interesting trade but I'll take the picks and Edwards. While I do expect DJ to be better next year and he's only 27, I don't think he'll ever be the player we saw a few years ago again (Bruce Arians and Carson Palmer are not walking through that door!). Kingsbury should help improve the offense and Rosen and hopefully get their best player (DJ) the damn ball, but their O-Line is terrible, Rosen doesn't scare anyone right now and they don't have many weapons at WR and Christian Kirk is coming off a broken foot and Fitz may retire. Defenses will once again crowd the line and try to take DJ away. Plus, I think DJ looked like he lost a 1/2 step to me... Baltimore will surely bring in competition to Edwards and they'll have Ty Mont for training camp but I don't think Edwards is "going away." He rushed for over 5 yards/carry last year and ran hard. He doesn't give you much receiving but he should be a useful bench player at worst. The key to the trade are the picks: #2, #8 and #13 are a pretty good haul and even in a down year in the draft should net 3 very good players with hopefully at least 1 turning into a stud. Plus, I really don't think this is going to be that bad a draft class. There aren't many QBs but who cares? There are 10-12 WRs who could be really good and while the RBs are not as good as last year there are 6-8 that could hit. Add in Fant at TE and you've got at least 15-20 nice players and I'll take my chances.
  15. Cooks/Chubb side by a large margin. Cooks and Cooper are pretty much a wash to me. People love Cooper's vast potential and the fact that he has 2 OMG games after joining Dallas but Cooks has outperformed him with 3 different teams/QBs. Even if you like Cooper a lot more than Cooks, it's not worth the huge downgrade from Chubb to Jackson. In a start 1-QB format, I don't see Jackson being all that valuable - obviously his rushing helps but he's no more than a QB2 and easily replaceable. Meanwhile Chubb just turned 23 and if a no doubt top-10 RB who is just returning to full health and just scratching the surface.
  16. 12 team ppr, start 9: 1 QB, 2-3 RB, 3-4 WR, 1-2 TE, 1 D Team A got Josh Gordon Team B got 2019 1st (mid to late), 2019 2nd (mid to late)
  17. Dynasty Superflex and TE premium with Devys - start 9 total 1-2 QB, 2-4 RB, 3-5 WR, 1-3 TE Team A got: Alex Collins, Josh Gordon and Eric Ebron Team B got: James White, AJ Brown (WR Mississippi) and Zach Ertz
  18. Sounds like a lot of "IFs" - I would trade Miller easily for a shot at a top-6 (or better) next year, especially in SF.
  19. If the owner of the 1.1 turned down 1.4/1.7/1.8, I can't see them accepting 1.3/1.4 as I think the first package would be more enticing if I was in a rebuild. That said, I love your team and getting 2 top rookies not named Saquan Barkley is not the worse thing in the world.
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