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  1. Agreed. I posted something similar about Henry and Kamara but these just aren’t guys you can realistically buy in most leagues if a contender is holding them, because of that need to replace starting lineup points combined with them being worth more to the contender than anyone else. You can package picks and juicy prospects to grab them if they happen to be on a rebuilder, but otherwise you’re likely better off finding another target
  2. I just can’t see someone bringing in a guy like Davis as a starter. He’s an above average backup journeyman. Could the pieces all fall into place, expected starter gets injured, etc and he has another year like this one? Sure, but I don’t see it being anyone’s plan. There’s still a chance Vaughn is a long-term asset. It’s not a high chance, but it’s a chance I’d buy at this price. He could just as easily luck into the starting job if Rojo gets hurt or resumes sucking, and not look back. But if Davis does so I feel confident he’s not somebody’s plan A next year, whereas Vaughn could be
  3. Huh. Not a Vaughn believer but I’d take the gamble and it’s not close. edit to elaborate: I’ve made many a tidy profit trading assets I got for free and don’t particularly believe in for distressed assets that were once expensive when their values converge. Vaughn was overvalued in rookie drafts but that’s basically free unless you have very deep rosters, a 5th is nothing and the chance of Davis winning the starting job outright is nil.
  4. As someone who also owns Henry and Kamara, I hope I’m not just getting big eyes for my own players here, but I am not in a hurry to move them. I recognize that means I’ll likely miss the window and they may retire off my roster. But both are unique runners who don’t seem to take a ton of big hits and may have atypical aging curves, and as I just won back to back ships with em myself and will be the favorite going into next year (in large part due to their production), I have a hard time seeing them being worth more to the teams holding these young guys than they are to me. If you can get a you
  5. Picked up Derrius Guice on a whim. Expected outcome is a preseason cut but I’m looking for ceiling plays here.
  6. I pulled the trigger on this (but in a league with the bye locked up already so didn’t agonize over it for too long)
  7. I see I’m in the minority here but I’d take the Lockett side if I were contending. Lockett is the archetype of technician wr that can often play forever and maybe I’ve been spoiled on Fuller watching his owners in my leagues cursing his name more often than not but seeing him finally succeed and then immediately be popped for PED’s I have a hard time valuing him as a stable asset at this year’s production levels.
  8. I own both Sanders and Davis and couldn’t imagine trading the former for the latter in dynasty. Redraft, sure.
  9. I really like Tyler Boyd but if I could pay a 2nd to swap him for DeAndre Hopkins I’d roll the dice on that aging curve.
  10. A few weeks ago I gave up two 1sts (projected at the time, and still, 1.05 and a bye week playoff team so 1.09-1.12) plus Courtland Sutton. Opinions in the trade thread seemed a roughly even split between “good get/worth it to pry away a guy like this once they’ve broken out” and “solid player but that’s a lot to pay” I am not having any regrets thus far
  11. I’m not a believer, and also prefer Akers, but isn’t this Gaskin’s second year?
  12. I was in basically this same situation (losing Brees) and traded cam, salvon, Singletary, a 2021 2nd and 2021 3rd (both guaranteed late) for Aaron Rodgers (other owner had him sitting behind Russ and a gaping hole at rb). Long story short I’m very ok with overpaying in non-core assets to lock up that QB spot on a strong contender. QB’s who are ‘good enough’ are common to the point I don’t love paying up but if you have the best roster you’re trying to decrease variance a bit and don’t want to eat a 4 point game from that spot in the semis because Taysom got benched at halftime
  13. If the CLE defense is still out there—look at those matchups week 15 and 16. Grabbed em last week in a league where I have the bye just about locked up
  14. I think he’s worth that in one specific scenario: you’re a contender who he’d provide a material advantage or plug a hole for and the pick is guaranteed to be late
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