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  1. I did not realize they’d changed that but yeah making it a ref’s judgment call about intent instead of an objective head vs feet question seems bad. I guess I get it with trying to emphasize safety but oof. A guy reaching to extend the ball forward is giving himself up? Ugh
  2. Looked more like a headfirst dive than a feet-first slide to me but what do I know
  3. Starting him this week for the first time. Seattle is a trainwreck rn. Def heard about some double coverage early in the year; haven’t seen much of their games so no idea if it continued but I think he’s a reasonable bye week filler at worst, with some possible upside just based on his past few weeks trajectory
  4. I like sanders as a buy low but I’m not sure that’s low. I’m not a huge Palmer or Ruggs guy but this feels light
  5. I could have seen that in the preseason as people panicked about Henry’s age/workload but with Gibson injured and Henry an mvp candidate thus far it sure looks rough I’m low on Godwin though. It’s probably not that bad market value wise if you’re a believer in those guys and needed to get younger. Tough for a Henry team to not be contending tho
  6. Be real cash money if they would just declare him out so yahoo league owners could ir him already
  7. Buying at what price? Feel like currently I’d buy for a mid to late 3rd (if I didn’t already have him), sell in a heartbeat for a 2nd (though that’ll change if he strings together a couple more good games)
  8. Honestly I’d probably take a 2nd to free up the roster space. Ymmv based on league size. Looking at his contract I assume if he continues to not get used he’s gotta be a cut candidate next year? But I could see him mixing in just enough to be desirable for them as a third weapon but fantasy unstartable (like now).
  9. Got him for cheap a week ago in dyno but if I didn’t I’d be looking to buy after this TNF game that should be a mess. He may well put up garbage stats on volume but I’d guess missing the whole offense they’re gonna struggle to move the ball
  10. Talent being equal, I’d rather have a young wr than a young rb if I’m rebuilding, and while I love Javonte and think he has a chance to be a stud, I’m not sure the talent is equal either
  11. When I tell y’all folks were SICK of this guy I accepted an offer before the 2018 season in dyno of Henry and Treadwell for my Alex Collins and Trey Burton and nobody batted an eye (and given he was coming off scoring 8.0/3.8/3.6 through the 2017 fantasy playoffs I can’t blame em either). A reminder to keep the faith on Miles Sanders, I guess
  12. In small leagues I tend to prioritize making roster spots essentially ignorable and use all my bench spots farming for other positions. I actually would be more into the cmc side in a 14 team league where there was no expected rb production available on the wire. There’s always a mckissic type floating around in a 10 teamer. Esp in dyno, having a Jefferson/lamb type locking up a spot for a decade so you can farm the Khalil herberts of the world with your bench space is huge to me. But ymmv
  13. I’m sure some will disagree but I can’t imagine giving either of those WR’s for him tbh. If you’re win-now, they’re producing big and he’s not on the field. If you’re rebuilding, they’re both younger and have longer expected career arcs before age-related decline. Maybe lamb if my wr group was otherwise solid, no way on Chase (and I own Lamb but not Chase)
  14. Donovan peoples-Jones had 2 tds in the first half (though one was a body catch on a last-second Hail Mary) and may be the first WR read going forward depending what’s up with Odell’s shoulder update: OBJ is back in so skip that second part
  15. Only news I’ve seen so far is “may go on IR” but both yahoo and mfl are showing him on IR already. Idk if they know something we don’t or it was premature edit: nevermind he’s on IR for sure per twitter as of a couple min ago
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