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  1. Just popping in to say hi, I've been slammed at work the past month and spring activities at home have kept me ultra busy. Hope all is well with the drafters here!
  2. Changing for post 2000 requirements Pick 251 - Alt Country / Americana - Save it for a Rainy Day - The Jayhawks
  3. Yep, I just went for that Killer song, will go post 2000 for the re-pick
  4. Pick 251 Updated for Post 2000 -> Alt Country / Americana - Save it for a Rainy Day - The Jayhawks
  5. This band is all kinds of fun, I pick up any record I can find from them, the Kings of the Rock Instrumentals... Also, this Rhino compilation is worth seeking out, I made copies from the Library, tons of Rock Instrumentals from the 50's through the 70's... Pick 250 - Rock Instrumentals - Walk Don't Run - The Ventures
  6. I'm tempted to take another Richard song, but will pivot to some 70's goodness, super fun tune... Pick 249 - Rock Instrumentals - Hocus Pocus - Focus
  7. This is a great record Pick 248 - Synth - The Look of Love (Part One) - ABC
  8. Richard is my #1 guitar hero and one of my top 3 artists with EC and The Talking Heads. I could choose dozens of epic songs from his time in Fairport Convention to his solo career but this one with Linda is a great entry point to his style of play. He is a mesmerizing live performer and if you ever get a chance to see him live he still has it, one of the great underrated artist of our times... Pick 247 - Guitar Hero - Shoot out the Lights - Richard Thompson The 39th anniversary of this record was yesterday, spun my original recently
  9. You can't delete or edit a playlist that was created by someone else, unless it is a shared playlist and that would not be too cool. You need to make your own playlist and just slide those faves songs into it, very easy to do on a computer. I do it all the time. Hope this helps....
  10. Pick 246 - Storytellers - Car Wheels on a Gravel Road - Lucinda Williams
  11. Still exploring this band... Pick 244 - Prog - The Magician's Birthday - Uriah Heep
  12. Hi All, can someone add this into the playlist, didn't seem to make it in there... thanks!
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