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  1. I also enjoyed the two albums Animal Logic (Copeland,Stanley Clarke, Deborah Holland) released. I have to say I never really noticed Copeland's drumming at the height of The Police fame. I had to go back to the records after they had split up to really appreciate what he did.
  2. I'm glad you asked because I'm lost too. The B word is the same in zamboni's fill in the blanks and your acronym, but what's the P word? Pouty? ETA - now wikkid has weighed in and I think it is Mrs. Neil Giraldo. zamboni didn't want to spotlight I guess.
  3. I'm not a huge Cars fan, but this is one of my favorite tunes by them. It could be because I haven't been bombarded with it like some of their other songs.
  4. I was familiar with The Jam, but didn't really appreciate them until I became a big fan of The Style Council and went back and revisited Weller's earlier stuff.
  5. Belinda never did much for me. Susanna Hoffs or any of the girls from Bananarama dominated my dreams.
  6. Some Punk was also morphing into New Wave and we had the start of hair metal music.
  7. Building on this theme, the album was produced by David Foster and he also co-wrote this song. I had no idea he could produce something like this based on the crap he is responsible for later in his career. ETA- Loved the song and album, had no idea Foster was involved in it. The Tubes had an epic appearance on SCTV.
  8. My wife and I finished watching The Third Day, but only because it was only 6 episodes. Good, not great. In hindsight there is too much other great TV to watch to justify spending even 6 hours on this. We felt the same way as you about "I May Destroy You". Not a comedy and it is difficult to feel bad for the characters. IMO we are probably the wrong demographic for this series. Due to the lingo/slang they use there was some "What did they just say?" between my wife and I even with close captioning on.
  9. 12 team ppr (TE premium) SF Team A gives 2021 2.03 rookie pick Team B gives 2021 3.06 rookie pk, 3.07 rookie pick, 2022 3rd round rookie pick.
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