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  1. As long as he isn't trying to swap Damien Harris for Carson, you have to consider it.
  2. Trying to decide between Seals-Jones and Alie-Cox in ppr this week. Mo seems to have caught Wentz's eye lately.
  3. Carson out again this week. Pete Carroll says IR is a possibility for him. Carroll also says Penny is expected back next week. Hard to say what the Seahawks do. For this week it is Collins, Dallas and Homer. If Penny comes back next week that just makes the RBBC more difficult to figure out.
  4. Down 20 points. Have Andrews at TE and Willis at DB tonight. Go with L Murray or S Watkins at flex tonight?
  5. In a 12 tm ppr start 1QB dynasty, what value would you give ARod in terms of '22 rookie pick(s)? I am 4-0 and have Tyrod and Tua on IR, Wentz, Teddy B and Mills on my roster. Tua might be back in Wk 6, Tyrod??? What would you give up to get Rodgers?
  6. I owned Smith in a couple of leagues. I tried to move him last week and got a 4th rd pick for him in one league and could not even get that in another league. So, I'm stuck with him.
  7. 1) All my friends from school Introduce me to their spouses While I'm left standing here With my hands down the front of my trousers I just don't know what's to be done I wonder sometimes how did Dad meet Mum And how did they conceive of me Tell me Mary 2) The temptation To take the precious things we have apart To see how they work Must be resisted for they never fit together again
  8. But, what about Facebook Marketplace????? Where will I buy used records????
  9. The main problem may be the Director is saying procedures will be followed, but the "hands on" care providers are not following them. We ran into the same problem when our oldest son was first in daycare. We ended up putting him in a much smaller daycare that had two employees and a limit of 6 kids. That might not be a feasible option for you, I don't know. But, I wouldn't let anyone tell you that you're overreacting regarding the care of your (I assume) first born child. Do whatever you need to do to let you function at work and sleep soundly at night knowing he is in good hands while away from you.
  10. Seal my fate I get your tongue in the mail No one is wise Until they see how it lies Don't stand around Like friends at a funeral Eyes to the ground It could've been you
  11. 1) But nothing worth having comes without some kind of fight -- Got to kick at the darkness 'til it bleeds daylight 2) In the wilderness the only place to find freedom is in the dictionary Under "F" 3) Man I forget which came first The bad idea or me befallen by it?
  12. I've seen you use this name for your son before and my curiosity has got the better of me. I don't understand the name. I read it as flopping ho. That can't be right, can it?
  13. Unfortunately this seems to be the new norm in Zealots leagues. There are 4-6 owners too afraid to make a trade because they might get ripped off. 4-6 owners that see you are interested in one or more of their players and decide to bend you over. And 2-4 owners in the league that will make trades and you have to hope they have what you want and vice versa. It gets very frustrating. The offers that receive no response are the ones that annoy me most.
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