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  1. Let's narrow this down then. Have you provided stories in the past about sleeping with your aunt?
  2. My prediction. Caveman moves in, "the girl"comes back and uses her key to let herself in. Caveman and the girl have some fun.
  3. It is not a SF league. Team A has ARod as starting QB. Can start 3 RBs and Team A has D Henry, Kamara, Carson, Bernard, L Murray, Tony Jones.
  4. I had an odd experience yesterday. In a Zealots Superflex league (12 team ppr league with 50 man roster) I was offered Pooka Williams and a 2022 6th round rookie pick for L Murray. I had heard the Ravens might sign Murray after Gus Edwards ACL tear, so I replied I would rather roster Murray. I received an angry response that Murray was a 31 year old washed up RB that the other owner wasn't dying to have on his roster anyway. He said if I thought I could get more for Murray in a trade, I should go for it. Umm the other owner made the trade offer to me. I didn't have Murray on the trade block. Weird response imo.
  5. 16 team ppr dynasty league with short benches. Team A trades- Chase Edmonds, Teddy Bridgewater Team B trades- D Watson
  6. I think this is very true. We probably all know (or at least have heard of) someone that was "the picture of health" and then they have a heart attack, stroke, etc. Someone can appear healthy by society's standards (slim, consistent weight, don't smoke or drink to excess,etc.) and there are factors beneath the surface that are very unhealthy.
  7. I have a feeling a lot of these apologies will be made down the road to those CE has debated with about COVID.
  8. I have heard other actors say the toughest job they can get is to be a character that does terrible things and try to make the audience root for them. Michael K Williams knocked it out of the park with Omar Little and Chalky White. RIP
  9. IMO this thread seems to be about 3 pages too long.
  10. Biggest surprise I had regarding Leon Russell was that he was part of "The Wrecking Crew" group of studio musicians. I knew Glen Campbell was part of them, but didn't know about Russell until I saw the documentary on them.
  11. The main topic of discussion may have changed, but the OP hasn't changed at all.
  12. It can't be because of something that happened in this thread.......can it? If so, you're right rock that would be all-time.
  13. I wasn't speaking about its greatness, just that I knew it was by GH.
  14. Binky, Binky, you got it all wrong,see. I knew about "Jumpin' Jack Flash" by the Stones because I posted it as a contender for "most famous guitar riff" or whatever Tim was saying for "Iron Man".
  15. I knew "My Sweet Lord" and "If Not For You" from the same album were by George. 🤷‍♂️
  16. I am sure everyone reading in this thread is aware of the Badfinger story. Every time I hear their music I am shaken by all the tragedy that happened to this band.
  17. I have to admit I have heard this song before and I love it. But, I never knew who sang it.
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