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  1. 1. Trevor Lawrence 2. Zach Wilson 3. Mac Jones 4. Kyle Pitts 5. Penei Sewell 6. Ja' Marr Chase 7. Jaylen Waddle 8. Rashawn Slater 9. Justin Fields 10. Patrick Surtain
  2. So, why did the Rams pay all that money to Kupp and only use him on 3rd down?
  3. Released. Could he murky the waters in Washington if Rivera decides to bring him in?
  4. I can confirm the deliciousness of the Year of the Dog! Awesome on an egg sammich!
  5. None of those 8 or 9 teams are replacing Tom Brady. I get your point. I'm just saying it's something to consider.
  6. Tom Brady was there for a million years. Now he is not. RB stats for those million years are mostly irrelevant. Take Harris in the middle/late rounds and hope for the best.
  7. Please build the offensive line. I don't want to see Burrow get "Carred" or "Couched".
  8. Joe Namath continues to be the most overrated player in league history.
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