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  1. Official stat changes always occur late Wednesday/early Thursday. MFL applies changes around 10:00 AM Eastern on Thursday morning, if the commish has it set up to automatically apply said changes.
  2. Anyone see the game yesterday? His stat line was the best of the bunch, how did he look?
  3. That's me. Somehow I ended up entering 2 sets of picks. If you could delete that one, that would be great.
  4. I was offered Damien Harris yesterday and told other owner I would like time to get more offers. Quickly hit accept this morning when I saw the Michel trade.
  5. I've had similar thoughts about Mostert and Sermon.
  6. I know there is no timer for the first round, but how long do we wait for someone that has not logged in to the site?
  7. Another bomb for Votto today!
  8. Just ran this by my 14 team league and decided to go with it.
  9. 1. Trevor Lawrence 2. Zach Wilson 3. Mac Jones 4. Kyle Pitts 5. Penei Sewell 6. Ja' Marr Chase 7. Jaylen Waddle 8. Rashawn Slater 9. Justin Fields 10. Patrick Surtain
  10. So, why did the Rams pay all that money to Kupp and only use him on 3rd down?
  11. Released. Could he murky the waters in Washington if Rivera decides to bring him in?
  12. I can confirm the deliciousness of the Year of the Dog! Awesome on an egg sammich!
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