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  1. I always confirm cherry-type w bartenders preorder, passing hard on Old Fashioned if bright red. Carrying them on himself is elite preparation. I salute him.
  2. Or maybe the parents honor-killed him themselves for disgracing the family, left his body where they knew gators would eat him, then returned there sufficiently later to know the evidence would be long-since digested.
  3. We sure that Sterling call is legit? Holy crap hilarious regardless.
  4. Yes they did. Any other make-believe grievances to air?
  5. No idea but reading that makes me feel like an underachiever, thanks.
  6. How many other cases have the publicly available photo/video trail leading up to her disappearance that this one does? Of course internet sleuths were focussed on this one…there’s a ####-ton of “evidence” on the internet to pore over. I feel like folks asking “why all the attention on this one?” are being intentionally obtuse. The inequity point is legit, but this is a bad example to use to make it.
  7. Love the Finau/Andy Dufresne twosome, send them out twice tomorrow.
  8. agreed, seems obvious to roll those twosomes out again. wtf
  9. Bold look for a guy with such weak lettuce.
  10. Course looks gorgeous in the morning light.
  11. Sweet Jane and Man Who Sold the World would both be top 5 for me, my two favorites of all listed so far.
  12. That poor girl. The video with the cops was such a raw glimpse into how troubled she was. So ####### sad.
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