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  1. Great update, and it sounds like peter has an awesome group of friends who look out for him - loved that part especially.
  2. Curious what the learning curve is like to be decent at flying one of those...best to buy/practice on crappier ones before getting a good one?
  3. Sounds like the best choice for all involved (especially the bolded) - congrats!
  4. Congrats on having survived the process.
  5. Hey @Todemwhen you have a minute can you weigh in with latest thoughts on EBS? Wondering if your level of concern remains low, and DCA-ing downward is likely still a good play.
  6. Well, the run-up to $1.40 was intoxicating.
  7. Yup I think it was just soap and some ####ty computer - great idea for a thread though.
  8. Had I known his idiot kid replaced his gf on the bag this week I would not have included Westy in any of my pool plays.
  9. Hovland is a grinder, back to even.
  10. I'll let others do the advising @dancer but congrats to your daughter on having some great schools to choose from.
  11. Pretty disappointing to see where $NNOX has settled after its run to $72 premarket yesterday. Oh well. Just added some, getting my cost down from $62 to $57.
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