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  1. I've honestly become numb to the beatings. Had this day occurred a couple of weeks ago I'd be looking for a fight, right now I'm more worried about the puff pastry being thawed in time to top the chicken pot pie I'm working on. That's good right?
  2. Down again today. Was damn near a two-bagger for me not too long ago, almost back to even.
  3. $40 sent for two more entries, please give me @shuke and @Super King's numbers for this round. They strike me as fellas who might get bitten by sitting one out. To make them less sad when it happens I'll pick up their next entry fee.
  4. I think the take-home message is that weed is good for you, and we should all smoke more.
  5. Right? I had a great day, f'n @jamnytrying to bring me down.
  6. Your confidence is so ####### sexy...
  7. Ok, maybe there's some hope for the day? Pre-market seems to have taken a turn for the better. Not being greedy, I'll take a flat day to end this ####-show of a week/month.
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