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  1. Same here and as I’ve gotten older I kind of feel guilty about how little time I gave them. Maybe its just how it was back then though.
  2. The soundtrack to every spin-the-bottle game in Heidi Kleindeinst’s basement.
  3. that is good news, having bought a ####-ton at $64 last week.
  4. I got out entirely yesterday at $42.50 after it bounced. @stbugs was spot-on being skeptical of the valuation leading up to the official announcement. I should have sold some Monday but feel fortunate to have timed my exit pretty well yesterday - the lone highlight of an otherwise crappy day.
  5. Interesting, I was certain the plum-wine part was a joke. It's really something delicious you drink for real? What's a decent one to try?
  6. on the Watch List page there's a tab labeled Own. You could just populate that list with your trading stocks.
  7. Got out of CCIV entirely this morning at $42.50, $10K lighter than had I sold yesterday at the close. Hurts but thankful it bounced from $31 earlier today giving me a chance to get out with a decent chunk. Still have some IPOE and GHVI but my enthusiasm for SPACS is done. Bloodbath everywhere else, still down over 6% for the day, was 14% at its worst.
  8. Never had his jarred sauce but when I do homemade meatballs/sauce its Rao’s recipe.
  9. Taking one last look at my all-green board from Friday...
  10. Ok that one’s gone, stay the #### away from the others and play golf.
  11. There was a coordinated effort there, on the rise AH.
  12. I'd like to kick $FLGT in the nuts
  13. wasn't me, I was the $DM ringleader which has been a relative dog but keep the faith.
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