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  1. Bottom 8: NE (Stidham?), WAS (Smith?), CHI (Foles), DEN (Lock), NYJ (Darnold), JAC (Minshew?), PHI (Hurts), NO (Hill) But JAC & NYJ already have a replacement lined up.
  2. Turns out, PFF tweeted this a few days ago: So my 3.66 estimate was just a touch high.
  3. Two Waddle stats. First: Waddle finished his college career with 15.03 yards per target (1999y/133t), which is the second highest that I know of behind 2007-08 Brennan Marion who had 16.36 YPT (2356y/144t). Marion had a 57% catch rate and 28.7 YPR. Waddle had a 80% catch rate and 18.9 YPR. So he was superproductive when targeted, and not just from boom-bust bombs. Second: Waddle had about 3.6 or 3.7 yards per route run for his career, which is really good. For comparison, Devonta Smith had 4.39 YPRR in his Heisman winning 2020 season and Ja'Marr Chase had 3.52 YPRR in his
  4. I just updated the QB SOS numbers to use FEI (since SRS works badly with the lack of interconference games) and that makes his rating even better. 2nd best QB season on record since 2008, even with era adjustments, by my efficiency numbers. Kyler Murray 2018 Mac Jones 2020 Russell Wilson 2011 Tua Tagovailoa 2018 Joe Burrow 2019 Sam Bradford 2008 Baker Mayfield 2016 Jameis Winston 2013 Baker Mayfield 2017 Jalen Hurts 2019 Justin Fields 2019 Johnny Manziel 2013 Zach Wilson 2020 Zach Mettenberger 2013 Marcus Mariota 2014 Ro
  5. Career rushing efficiency, as measured by .5FD+TD+20/att. (Only half credit for first downs, which is different than what I've posted before. This is a little less simple, a little more accurate as a reflection of production.) 0.33 Travis Etienne (686 att) 0.32 Javonte Williams (366 att) 0.32 Rhamondre Stevenson (165 att) 0.28 Elijah Mitchell (526 att) 0.28 Jaret Patterson (636 att) 0.27 Trey Ragas (596 att) 0.26 Trey Sermon (455 att) 0.26 DeAndre Torrey (361 att) 0.26 Najee Harris (638 att) 0.26 Kenneth Gainwell (235 att) 0.25 Chuba Hubbard (585 att) 0.25 Michael Ca
  6. Are you down on Fields or Wilson? Or just think that teams won't be trading up? With 4 QB-needy teams at 6-9, it won't be so easy to sit patiently the way that MIA & LAC did last year.
  7. My guess is QBs go: 2 in the top 2 3 in the top 5 4 in the top 10 5 in rd1 First two to JAC & NYJ, most of the others to trade-ups. About a third of the league looking at QBs so lots of ways it could go.
  8. This is a pretty good list. I'd have Dyami Brown, Elijah Moore, and Tylan Wallace a little higher.
  9. I thought he re-signed with WFT. He did, a few days after my post.
  10. Travis Kelce. A steal at any price. I took him 1.01 in Anarchy (2 PPR for TEs) and he was probably the best value I got all draft. Logan Thomas, Waller, and Tonyan are also good picks.
  11. Here's another great Jerry Rice stat line: 89/1451/15. Pretty good season, right? That stat line comes from this Chase Stuart post. In brief: Rice had two HOF quarterbacks in San Francisco, which leads one to wonder what he would have done without Montana or Young. Well, there were 24 games when he didn't have Montana or Young (through his age 34 season), and over those 24 games he had 134 receptions for 2177 yards and 23 touchdowns. That is with Elvis Grbac (9g), Jeff Kemp (6), Steve Bono (6), Mike Moroski (2), and Matt Cavanaugh (1) as his quarterback. And that pro-rates to 89
  12. Correct. Two hall of famers. Even-year Jerry was the best receiver of his era, and odd-year Jerry is a HOFer too.
  13. In 12 games. Because there was a player strike. 22 TDs in 12 games. 22 receiving TDs. 23 total touchdowns.
  14. Worst case scenario is 2 firsts for Carson Wentz. This 8 point scenario still leaves Ryan Fitzpatrick, Gardner Minshew, Taylor Heinicke, Marcus Mariota, and Jacoby Brissett. Maybe some others become available from the teams that take a top 5 QB. Also could get Trask or Newman later in the draft. Nick Foles is the obvious fallback starter.
  15. New Anarchy record! (I think) It looks like MFL took down the pages for the leagues that aren't running any more so I don't have a complete list, but if I take the highest scoring seasons through 2014 from here plus the 2016 list here and the MFL records for leagues 1, 2, 3, & 4, then the top 20 seasons on record are: 3917.72 ZWK 2020 League 3 3781.76 Stinkin' Ref 2011 League 4 3682.88 BroncoFreak_2K3 2013 League 9 3646.24 ZWK 2015 League 3 3645.92 Eaglezzz 2013 League 7 3639.76 Stinkin' Ref 2011 League 3 3624.94
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