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  1. rename this the Davey O'Brien Award if anyone but Henry gets it this yr
  2. getting papercut to death by JD McKissic. Offensively, they've been trying to run clock since 10 minutes left in the 3rd Q.
  3. is Jason Pierre Paul hurt? didn't see him on the injury report, but he's got a 0...
  4. more passes to Scary Terry. less 2 yard garbage to a College QB playing TE and 3rd string RB
  5. this Washington offense is so boring. even without Smith, nearly everything is to the WRs and TEs
  6. stoked for your fanbase. it would be fun to see the Bills make a real run.
  7. it's possible. at this point i think the best post-Manning QB in Denver is still Siemian.
  8. i don't want to throw rain on the Bills because I like them, but they are playing a shell of a team. a shell of a franchise, really, given the ownership situation. Denver is down to 2 CBs, both practice squad players, what looks like 0 QBs, and look to have given up. The future is bright for Buffalo, but I wouldn't extrapolate a lot from this game other than Buffalo took care of business against a team it should have beaten.
  9. Denver had 3 healthy CBs coming into this one. IIRC, 2 of them were practice squad players and the other (Ojemudia) is a 3rd round rookie who was benched earlier in the year for poor performance. Ojemudia gets kicked out for fighting. lol it might be the most fight Denver player has put up today.
  10. game is out of reach as it is and the Buffalo has moved the ball at will. I get going for it there
  11. wouldn't even try a FG at all before half w the covid kicker situation
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