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  1. I like the shirt. Also, was going to try to make up picks from the past few days, but now not sure if i should
  2. 536 - 100k Bargain Music - Lifeless Wandering RIP, Josh Fischel. Would have liked to have seen these guys live. I was way into them back in the day.
  3. good to see some Amnesiac appreciation. i'm not sure it gets the appreciation it probably merits. some strong experimental and jazzier stuff
  4. 535 - Somebody Scream Thursday - Concealer Would've been good with probably any song off this album, save the instrumental intro and outro tracks. #EmoScreamo
  5. With Radio Alpha on the docket today, good time to point out one of the best debut albums of all thyme (imo), The Strokes Is This It, just turned 20. Still remember my friend bringing this to work and playing it on the old boombox in the back room.
  6. 531 - Radio Alpha Missy Elliot - The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly) I actually love the rain
  7. There are a handful of bands that peaked with their debut album, Weezer is one of them imo.
  8. 528 - Illiterature Radiohead - Identikit Reference to Haruki Murakami's 1Q84 Book excerpt: For some reason, the ones that arouse her were always sweet-faced men with nothing left inside. Song lyrics: Sweet-faced ones with nothing left inside. That we all can love. Murakami mentioned Radiohead in one of his previous novels, Kafka on the Shore. Seems at least one member of Radiohead is a Murakami fan as well considering the lyrics.
  9. 527 - Illiterature Blur - Tender Opening lines Tender is the Night is taken from F. Scott Fitzgerald's novel entitled Tender is the Night
  10. 525 - Bring in da Funk Da Brat - Funkdafied ================ 526 - Seriously, Bring the funk already Childish Gambino - Me and Your Mama
  11. 524 - Post Rock, Art Rock, Kraut Rock, Radiohead Radiohead - Ful Stop I think this one covers pretty much all the categories listed for the station.
  12. couldn't get on the few times I tried this weekend. Figured @woodstockhad it under control though. Someone get him some more bailing twine and duct tape though since I can't figure out how to get the dark theme back.
  13. 523 - Post Rock, Art Rock, Kraut Rock, Radiohead Talking Heads - The Great Curve The World Moves on a Woman's Hips
  14. 521 NASA: Way Out West - Apollo 522 NASA: Stage One - Space Manouvres (Total Separation Radio Edit) second one samples dialogue from Event Horizon
  15. Round 519: NASA - Pole Folder - Apollo Vibes Round 520: NASA - Planisphere - The Lost Planet Space out.. also, 500+ rounds...awesome
  16. I have a hoody of I think 2 wolf heads and a blue sky fading to constellation-filled sky that was gifted to me one year. It's a pretty good shticky hoody. But it had a weird chemical smell to it when I got it too. I just sort of pretended it was made from recycled motor oil or something. It's actually pretty comfy too.
  17. Round 260 Thom Yorke - I am a very rude person Simeys spectacles ========== Two song from the same album, yeah. I will cop to being unoriginal or tunnel visioned here. But I wanted to take one or the other and then I was debating which channel to put them so I took both. That Twist number might be Yorkes best solo cut.
  18. That is heartbreaking. Much love, thoughts and prayers your way, doc. I'm so sorry to hear that.
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