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  1. Hildengerger gonna be the guy I think. Belisle is a chode
  2. What's a reasonable projection for Moncada next year? 245avg/.315obp/ 80r/15hr/60rbi/30sb?
  3. I'd subscribe to just 30 for 30 and their other stuff like that.
  4. Picked up Z Godley as part of my penance. He's been good and has SD and some other chodes coming up
  5. Spent the weekend in St. Louis and watched the Cubs lose on Saturday. Saw Javy Baez at the casino and Jon Lester at the bar.
  6. I was always a C student. This is big for me.
  7. Traded Judge, A Miller, and Betances for Bryant, Giles, and Tanaka couldnt accept fast enough.
  8. To be fair, more guys are throwing harder than ever before. Breaking balls are harder even. Maybe the human arm isn't able to sustain that, unless you're some sort of freak.
  9. I picked up Fat Albers because I hate myself
  10. Picked up Altherr for some reason. He's been mashing in front of our boy Odubel.
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