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  1. Not sure napalm works - plenty of bamboo in Vietnam.
  2. And China says the virus came from salmon. I have been eating salmon every single week this year.
  3. I would try something totally natural first, like boiling water.
  4. You gotta take care of the problem at the source.
  5. I know Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania have ordinances against Murder (Running) Bamboo. I bet it is prohibited in more states.
  6. I have not watched TV For a long time. I usually check Google News when my spidey sense tells me something is about To happen. Then I may post here about a few days later if I see a thread about it.
  7. I don’t have a problem with removing all statues. I can think of very few that are not butt ugly and only pigeons like them.
  8. Can’t have a statue if not dissenting? Doesn’t seem fair to me.
  9. Having a good education makes some people more well off than others. It won’t be long before we hear a call to shutdown education.
  10. I agree that dogs will put household members in a pecking order. I have always enjoyed preferential treatment but some people are not so lucky.
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