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  1. Not sure napalm works - plenty of bamboo in Vietnam.
  2. And China says the virus came from salmon. I have been eating salmon every single week this year.
  3. I would try something totally natural first, like boiling water.
  4. You gotta take care of the problem at the source.
  5. I know Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania have ordinances against Murder (Running) Bamboo. I bet it is prohibited in more states.
  6. I have not watched TV For a long time. I usually check Google News when my spidey sense tells me something is about To happen. Then I may post here about a few days later if I see a thread about it.
  7. I don’t have a problem with removing all statues. I can think of very few that are not butt ugly and only pigeons like them.
  8. Can’t have a statue if not dissenting? Doesn’t seem fair to me.
  9. Having a good education makes some people more well off than others. It won’t be long before we hear a call to shutdown education.
  10. I agree that dogs will put household members in a pecking order. I have always enjoyed preferential treatment but some people are not so lucky.
  11. Dogs know they are cute and they use this Knowledge to their advantage every chance they get.
  12. You gotta set the rules of engagement early on. And you must be consistent, otherwise you throw the rule out of the window. Dogs will seek your permission on different things. Just know that if you let him do what he wants just one single time, there is no turning back.
  13. Dogs can understand English. Explain to Maxwell why you want him on a leash. It is good for you but what will he get out of it? Also, do you know if he does not like the leash or how you yank on it? Always remember to look at things from your dawg’s perspective.
  14. Think about this, if there are no laws then there will be no crimes, no criminals, and no need for cops. Do you want to live in a place like that?
  15. West Philadelphia ShopRite Looted For 15 Hours Straight, Owner Says
  16. PARIS (AP) — Tear gas choked Paris streets as riot police faced off with protesters setting fires
  17. Saks Fifth Avenue is wrapped in razor wire to prevent looting
  18. Reuter’s: Biden staff donate to group that pays bail in riot-torn Minneapolis
  19. Could be. Brick piles were used by protesters in Hong Kong. Here in the US the bricks were not dug up from roads but the revenge message that the sponsors wanted to send Trump is loud and clear.
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