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  1. From the website that Keerock pointed out, here are the top 10 numbers in 2019 for Powerball: Most Picked Powerball numbers in 2019 14 6 32 66 5 8 23 53 59 35 We could make up maybe 10 combinations from these top ten most frequently picked Powerball numbers. In any case, I approve of the move to Powerball. And whatever system of picking the numbers that Keerock decides is fine with me. Maybe Powerball will implement new payouts: First prize = minimum $40 million Second prize = 28' truckload of toilet paper
  2. Is there a way to research previous winning numbers? If so, for our static numbers, we could use the combinations that have won the most times so far (theory being that those combinations are more likely to come up again) OR we could use combinations that have never come up (theory being that those are "due") OR use half of the frequent winners and half of the never winners. Or we could just stay with what we're doing, as we are "due".
  3. Sent today. We're due to win this thing! 2020 is the year.
  4. Sleepers. That movie still pisses me off. His role was an ####### of pure evil.
  5. Agree with whatever Keerock decides on the extra tix. Let's win this thing!!!
  6. I started out there in 1999. Truly a shame what they did to it. Oh, and I knew the answer was Dan Pastorini. Is kings123 still around? Or the black belt guy who threatened to kick Bronco Billy`s ###?
  7. In for all of the pools if possible. In it to win it.
  8. I'm always in favor of going in for extra tickets with big jackpots available, whether it be from reserves or if you need new money. $10 million after tax would be incredible. I don't know exactly what I'd do with it, but one thing for sure is I'll put a painting of Keerock on the wall of my new mansion.
  9. Sent one fitty via something that rhymes with gay gal today
  10. I seriously hope that this becomes the most regretful decision of your life (well, other than porking that fat chick that one time at band camp)....
  11. Not only is it OK, but I just sent 105 beans to keep me up to snuff. And for future reference, any time you want to buy extra tickets for a nice jackpot,you have my OK automatically. Thanks again, Keerock.
  12. Hey Keerock, I just started a new job, and I know that they carefully track all internet activity, so I won't be able to log on often, if at all, from work. I do have the smartphone app, but I won't be able to check in often. Please let me know when I need to send funds and I will do so. I definitely want to be part of the group when we finally win this thing.
  13. When push comes to shove, the cows come home to roost Their backs are against the wall, it's do or die, the coffee is for closers and the early bird catches the worm.
  14. If the plane did land, this whole thing must be connected with the Uighurs and the recent mass stabbings. IMHO.
  15. Why bother turning off a transponder and flying under the radar when killing yourself? Same reason that kamikaze pilots wore helmets.
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