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  1. This is my worry. And that one hit could put him on the bench.
  2. Yes, this seems very clear. I think the ones who are unwilling to see that perspective are driven by some other bias.
  3. I’m taking the risk of starting Lamar over Cousins. I need a win to make the playoffs and am playing the top team in the league. So I am going for upside.
  4. Same goes for Pitt. Basically if there is an outbreak on your team you were shortcutting the guidelines.
  5. What are the chances this game gets cancelled with that many people out?
  6. I have Claypool in for now. I picked up Reagor as insurance so I can wait to decide tomorrow night.
  7. I like to think they will play the game. I picked up Reagor as insurance since the Eagles play Monday night. I like to think by then we would know if the game is happening.
  8. This is why I don’t fault the NFL as much, because the players don’t worry about their safety as much either. The players could have opted out. Very few did that because the game check was more important to them. I bet if the NFL decided to cancel the rest of the season you would see players going nuts because they want to get paid. I doubt there would be any players speaking in favor of the league “looking out for them” in that way. You can’t fault a business for trying to stay open when the workers and the customers (us) all are pushing for them to stay open.
  9. Agreed, I know there is no perfect solution. Whatever the NFL decides I don’t think the Broncos, Ravens or Steelers can complain at all. They caught this and need to deal with the consequences.
  10. I think that is the difference. Baltimore and the Steelers keep having positive tests. So it needs to be delayed. Broncos haven’t. Now that could change tomorrow
  11. That’s a weird way to look at it. I get that the Steelers fans want the layup and get to play a short handed team. But you can’t compare that as the same thing as the Steelers just don’t feel like putting in effort if they play week 18.
  12. As a Steeler fan I would think you would be completely against a forfeit. I’m not a steeler fan but I would like to see them go undefeated just to stop those Miami guys from gloating each year. If the Steelers only win 15 + a forfeit, the Miami guys will still be better.
  13. Can they do that and still play the game Sunday? Or is that an indication the game is off.
  14. I dropped him for Pitman this week. I can’t imagine any situation where I would feel comfortable starting him.
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