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  1. Very helpful, as long as he gets in practice today I feel like I can risk not starting Johnson tonight.
  2. I could see that as being the best case scenario. If that happens I could see him possibly playing next year. Non-football fans don't think of him much now. If he gets traded (especially in a blockbuster deal) he will be back in mainstream media. There will be a big uproar. It will take a while for that to calm down. That is why I don't see him playing this year.
  3. Does it really matter? Commish exempt or suspended, I bet the points he gets you is the same.
  4. This went through in our redraft league this week: Mattison & Tee Higgens for Godwin the team getting Mattison is the Cook owner.
  5. So the win is getting away from the SF headache and you want to jump right back into a time share there?
  6. At least it is a 1pm game so we will know if he is out. I am really hoping he sits because I can't bench him if he plays but that could go badly. If he is out where would you guys rank Mattison
  7. I don't have any doubt that Cook is better then Mattison. My worry is that Cook only plays part of the game. He could tweak the injury. Or they could get up on Detroit and decide not to risk him playing any more.
  8. Having a 3 down back for 4-5 weeks can make a big impact on your final record. There are plenty of times at the end of the season that I would pay 100% of my FAAB to get one more win.
  9. Damn, this sucks. I was able to trade for Mattison when Cook went out for week 3. I have been assuming I am all set for this week, just play whoever starts. But this is the worst case scenario.
  10. Do you guys have any insight as far as what his problems were to start the season? I know he got hurt wk 3 but the first 2 weeks he wasn’t good. I was offered him in a trade (Mattison (cook owner) and tee Higgins). Do you guys think it was this same injury slowing him down to start the year or were there other issues?
  11. I was going 25% as the Monty owner. I would like to get him but not ready to blow a bulk of my FAAB. I know Monty has had success but the Chicago offense is pretty bad.
  12. I guess that means you only have Mitchell. My opinion is that Sermon was drafted for a reason and will get significant playing time this year. I am holding both because I see Mitchell, barring injury, is the better back to start the year. But later in the year Sermon is the better to have once he is up to speed with pass protection. If they are splitting they are both useless especially with how poor the line play has been.
  13. Yeah, this is what I am worried about. It is a good matchup this week. But if Mitchell plays I will have a tough time starting either one. It could easily be a split. For now, since Sermon is healthy I hope Mitchell is out. Otherwise they are both on my bench until this sorts out.
  14. This is the way I see it too. I always thought we would have to wait until half way to see him do anything. So what he is doing now is much better from the opportunity side then people were thinking. The downside is SF looks like they might be a lot worse then what people were expecting and the run game could be useless no matter who is running.
  15. Very possible. Equally possible is he does that and finishes the season with 700yds.
  16. This is my worry. And that one hit could put him on the bench.
  17. Yes, this seems very clear. I think the ones who are unwilling to see that perspective are driven by some other bias.
  18. I’m taking the risk of starting Lamar over Cousins. I need a win to make the playoffs and am playing the top team in the league. So I am going for upside.
  19. I have Claypool in for now. I picked up Reagor as insurance so I can wait to decide tomorrow night.
  20. I like to think they will play the game. I picked up Reagor as insurance since the Eagles play Monday night. I like to think by then we would know if the game is happening.
  21. Agreed, I know there is no perfect solution. Whatever the NFL decides I don’t think the Broncos, Ravens or Steelers can complain at all. They caught this and need to deal with the consequences.
  22. I think that is the difference. Baltimore and the Steelers keep having positive tests. So it needs to be delayed. Broncos haven’t. Now that could change tomorrow
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