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  1. This is my worry. And that one hit could put him on the bench.
  2. Yes, this seems very clear. I think the ones who are unwilling to see that perspective are driven by some other bias.
  3. I’m taking the risk of starting Lamar over Cousins. I need a win to make the playoffs and am playing the top team in the league. So I am going for upside.
  4. What are the chances this game gets cancelled with that many people out?
  5. I have Claypool in for now. I picked up Reagor as insurance so I can wait to decide tomorrow night.
  6. I like to think they will play the game. I picked up Reagor as insurance since the Eagles play Monday night. I like to think by then we would know if the game is happening.
  7. Agreed, I know there is no perfect solution. Whatever the NFL decides I don’t think the Broncos, Ravens or Steelers can complain at all. They caught this and need to deal with the consequences.
  8. I think that is the difference. Baltimore and the Steelers keep having positive tests. So it needs to be delayed. Broncos haven’t. Now that could change tomorrow
  9. That’s a weird way to look at it. I get that the Steelers fans want the layup and get to play a short handed team. But you can’t compare that as the same thing as the Steelers just don’t feel like putting in effort if they play week 18.
  10. As a Steeler fan I would think you would be completely against a forfeit. I’m not a steeler fan but I would like to see them go undefeated just to stop those Miami guys from gloating each year. If the Steelers only win 15 + a forfeit, the Miami guys will still be better.
  11. Can they do that and still play the game Sunday? Or is that an indication the game is off.
  12. I dropped him for Pitman this week. I can’t imagine any situation where I would feel comfortable starting him.
  13. During the first 6 weeks when he was playing he averaged less then 30 yards a game. If that is what having Ertz as a buddy gets him I think Goedert will be all right.
  14. I thought they actually tested positive. If it was that and not just contact tracing then they can’t play.
  15. Interesting, so if you go by that he should be a WR.
  16. This. The $12 shouldn't be a barrier for entry except when is a free/almost free league. And as we are seeing in this Hill case, you get what you pay for.
  17. Sounds like a raving review, “perfectly adequate”. I can see using ESPN for a free league. But if there is money involved the league fees shouldn’t be an issue.
  18. I agree, I don't understand how some sites can be so behind with the times. CBS hasn't had him as a TE all year.
  19. I agree with all of this but it does seem to make the Packers very predictable. Williams is in- passing play, Jones is in- running play. Wouldn't they want one guy who can do both for a majority of the time? I get you can't teach Williams to be a more dynamic runner but how hard is it to teach Jones to block? Is that something that some RBs can just never pick up?
  20. That's crazy. I can see bibs could have a decent game since it is the saints but I can't imagine any reason I would play the backup if I had the starter. Since there has been no confirmation that bibbs will be the lead runner at least wait to see for a week.
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