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  1. so, a couple with no kids is friends with a couple with 2 young kids. ok
  2. espn says isles are beating teh bruins 7-2 and have scored 5 goals unassisted.
  3. every commercial where i need to see you and your kids at home or just your kids at home. what the hell do your kids have to do with me or the product? every laundry commercial where the laundry room in the house is the size of manhattan loft. giant machines, cork boards, a bench for sitting.
  4. 9.14 - Fran Mill Reyes, Cleveland Baseball Team 10.1 - Craig Kimbrel, CloserTypeifthebeginningoflastyearisamirageandheismoreliketheendoftheyearandtheydonttradehimandheishealthywhenspringtraininggamesstartinlike3weeks.
  5. isn't it a peruvian corn masa based type of sammich? 7.14 - Jose Altuve, Costros 8.1 - Matt Chapman, A'stros @General Zod
  6. i desperately wanted to go offence and SP here, but not one offencive player stood out above the rest. so..... 5.14 - Carlos Carrasco, Chrissy Metz 6.1 - Lance Lynn, Pitcher, WS Champ White Sox
  7. every car commercial where the couple hops in their ATV/SUV and off roads to a hidden spot to hike and camp. just seeing 100% of these people hiking and camping somehow irks me.
  8. next town over from, cary nc, built a USA baseball complex and i just read this; The inaugural MLB Draft Combine (June 20th-28th) will feature top high school and college baseball prospects, as identified by MLB Clubs, who will have the opportunity to participate in a series of medical & performance assessments as well as educational programming designed to prepare them for a career in professional baseball. As part of the Combine experience, the top 88 high school players eligible for the 2021 MLB Draft will be selected to participate in a unique showcase tournament from June 20th th
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