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  1. i’d do something at some time with some people for some reason.
  2. i read NC folks have begun hoarding natural gas. increasing home temperatures to 90-100 and trying to catch vapors in tupperware.
  3. back to back weeks of disney and coldplay....are they trying to run off fans? the gunn mess, kkkaleb. please, take this show to the shed already.
  4. also, for those with spotify, i have an account and have curated over 8 hours of some of my favorite italian music. most is current and includes rap, pop, etc. If anyone is interested, it is named; Pozzuolo Italian Playlist
  5. for those that like the culture and staying connected, italy magazine has been running a Founders Member special. one time subscription fee of $199- and perpetual access to all content, ebooks, discounts, etc. i signed up, cause they were also offering a gift basket of items from italy with membership....it came direct from italy and included pasta, specialty salt, sauces and was well worth indulging. makes a nice gift.
  6. i think the colorado and chicago goalers will be on the move. also, carolina could be in play. if mrazek is protected, nedeleckovicwiczcouz could move. rangers appear to be exposing junk, i am hopeful they lose brett howden, i can’t watch him lumber up and down the ice ever again.
  7. while everyone is distracted hoarding gas, i’m going around buying up all the toilet paper.
  8. nc is tops for panic and hoarding. gas was empty before noon today. people even brought red jugs, like gas is gone forever. morons.
  9. at 0 points i might consider alaska. i just want to eat whale blubber 1x in my life.
  10. also wanted to mention that airline NEOS is entering the US market, flying between JFK and Milan Malpensa. they appear to be a discount carrier. info is early, but i have heard twice weekly flights to and from, 1 per each day. their first class seems to be like delta comfort class and they seem to be big dreamliner type planes. could be a nice low cost option, even if it means taking a train from milan to your final destination.
  11. so, we saw episode 3 of bobby and giada. they’ve hit some places we love, but this episode they hit podere il casale, a place i think i’ve pimped in this thread. dairy farm and commune. they focused on cheese. what they don’t show is that the husband and wife are real hippies, but euro hippies. they have their farm open to passers through. you can park an RV there or grab room and board in exchange for work on the farm. many were taking advantage the times we visited.
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