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  1. thx-right in the middle and that’s because i am doing a 2 stage upstairs. i’m here as long as the dog is alive and he’s not talking, so i’m hopeful the units will save me money off my monthly electric to kind of offset. i really don’t have a choice it seems. if i did a single stage upstairs, i could’ve saved 3k i believe. i get a pair of $350- rebate cards from lennox and $150- rebate from my electric provider. also, a minuscule $500- reduction for doing both at the same time.
  2. so, looks like it’s time for me to put my hvac system down. i’m at 12 years old and my upstairs crapped out. lost about 1/2 the refrigerant, so it’s likely an evaporator coil, which isn’t worth replacing given age. we are moving in the next 2-4 years, so i don’t think the system will make it and buyers won’t be happy with an ancient system. i am shooting the lock off my wallet and doing 2 compressors, furnaces and coils, basically whole systems. doing a 2 stage upstairs and putting in lennox. anyone do this job? looking for prices to make me feel better.
  3. i’d love to get your miles, i travel to europe a bunch. maybe we can barter or trade.
  4. i hope it takes 3 months for yahoo to process the deal where the last place team deals 1.6 mookie betts for kevin gausman.
  5. yeah, why does it take a full moon cycle to execute trades? why isn’t this immediate? also, next year let’s expand IL from 2 to 47.
  6. i’ve said this before, airports and airplanes must be giant spleefs or hallucinogens, cause as soon people enter them they lose their minds. oyster bar at 8a, can’t remember to take off shoes or belts, crowding, aimlessly standing and crowding aisles and obviously worse.
  7. bet $51 to win $19. there was no money to be made for me. felt real good about EQ, put $15 to win and keyed him in a $1- tri. think the tri paid $40 and it cost me $36.
  8. when i hear neck surgery i just know you will have another head attached to your neck. ask for rosie greer and keep posting and gl.
  9. so the inversion turnstile was at the freeport? is there a freeport in freeport?
  10. and what was the whole deal with the freeport? they made it seem important, but i have no idea what the point was. well, i guess i wish i could move backwards thru time and recruit my younger self to not watch this.
  11. In an attempt to lure travelers to the region and to revive the local tourism industry, badly hit by the pandemic, the central Italian region of Lazio, home to Italy’s capital of Rome, has launched ‘Più notti, più sogni’ (translates as ‘More nights, more dreams’). The initiative, presented during a press conference held by Lazio governor Nicola Zingaretti, allocates 10 million euros, financed by the region itself, to encourage travelers to prolong their stay by providing one free extra night for those booking a holiday of at least three consecutive nights in the region and two free extra
  12. i searched and should have known the search function would fail me.
  13. i actually learned something. had no idea the guy who slurred his words was denzel’s son.
  14. Any chance you can post your roster here?
  15. St. Louis Blob Amani Toomer Goiter? I don't even know her. Squamous on all fours and bark my name. Squamous Amos.
  16. So, i stumbled across this movie and gave up after about 1.30. I kept hoping to figure this movie out, but i finally had to give up, as i had no idea what i was watching. I usually don't have this issue with movies, but i was completely dumbfounded. Also, i had a hard time even understanding the dialogue. Rather than google this, i'd like to give FBG knowledge first crack. Were they going backwards in the future or forward in the past or did i simply eat a bad cookie or two? Thx, will answer yours.
  17. Record it on your phone. Post it on youtube while screaming “racists” in the background over and over. Profit.
  18. honestly, only his decent 2020 looks different than all the other years.....
  19. Can we tie an idiotic activity into becoming the SLB challenge in the hideous "viral" world? Instead of randomly pouring water over your head, maybe eat 5 mcribs? 20 white castles? smoking an entire pack of cigarettes at once?
  20. how high can i get? do i need to register as a craft? do i need to file flight plans?
  21. businesses have a right to deny service to gays and the lbgt community. also, businesses have no right to tell me i have to wear a mask or need to be vaccinated to enter.
  22. disagree. arriving at 7.20a means car rentals are open, they are not 24h, plus you get a full day. by the time you land, clear customs, get your transport, you can lose 2-3 hours. you still have plenty of time to get loaded at the lounge and maybe sneak in the mystery pasta dish from the lounge. how is that amex lounge by the way? i usually use the delta cause it’s near the gates.
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