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  1. nyr look different when shesterkin plays. still have no idea why seorsieve played opening night. just hoping they play igor at least 60.
  2. took me 3 days to lose all 3 of my Cs. nhl fever, catch it!
  3. saw bits of this game, binnington’s glove looked crazy sharp. bodes well if he is good again.
  4. i don’t know if i’d consider thomas in the 11th a bargain. can you post your entire draft results here? let me be the judge of who the bargains are……
  5. tnt needs more than 5 analysts and the barkley hoops clowns for telecasts imo.
  6. actually, i thought they looked pretty decent, but dressing tinordi and playing seorsieve seem odd. i don’t care about the back to back right now, you sign shesterkin to a nice deal and you play the human sieve? as soon as i saw 40 i knew this was over.
  7. this is why he was being offered. i’m sure eichel will work out for buffalo.
  8. i seem to think she’s a single mom looking for side action with johnny nose. otherwise, why not go inside? special mention - serena wonder woman serena wonder woman serena wonder woman
  9. if lias andersson netted a 2, kravtsov will have a market. not sure what the guy did, outside of being drafted, to make the team. sometimes you gotta earn stuff.
  10. the draft went so fast i really couldn’t want players nor figure out who was going where. i knew that this year i wanted to not be scrambling for hits and blocks, so i may have went for guys that don’t score as much, but will help in those areas. just tried to find a good combo. last year i felt i went d too soon and tried to wait a bit on lower tier guys that won’t kill me. the d men are going to be the bit hits and blocks guys, get some shots and hope for pp action. i didn’t sweat plus minus, but was wary of sabres and wings. 28 guys between mcdavid and my next pick is a long time. but a moron tkachuk can’t hurt. i didn’t want to carry more than 3 goalers, so grabbing petersen seemed a fit at the time. i really wanted saros, but campbell and binnington seem to have the bulk of the action on good teams. i figure 150 games from the goalers. last 3 picks are interchangeable. let’s see what drysdale does. podzolkin might be a hitter on a decent canucks squad. i really wanted mo seider, but i just fear a minus 30. also, drafting near thorn helped. i quickly learned he was targeting guys on LTIR, so i had to make sure he didn’t snipe me on a guy that would miss 70 games this year.
  11. what are those e euro languages based on? they aren’t latin based….. is polish close to romanian, croat, etc?
  12. make sure we have plenty of IR for the plague.
  13. when the french came over and. role bread with the eskimos? i learnt that in skool.
  14. so bereft of talent. would love to see this team employ a TE in the next 10 years. still not part of the league.
  15. trade! i traded my first rounder to brasky for his 8th rounder.
  16. it’s great to roll, but where are we sending said rolls?
  17. trouba and kreider kill the cap. i know they are pros, but they just aren’t difference makers at their numbers.
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