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  1. I wish we would try the approach of saying “if you don’t get a vaccine by the end of May, we’re going to ship your personal vaccine doses off to Mexico or India.” Maybe that would piss people off enough that they would go get a vaccine.
  2. Is this one of those SAT questions where we are supposed to choose "D - not enough information to determine the answer"?
  3. I remember reading some statistics (working at a car insurance company) that a 25 year old driver talking on a cellphone has the reaction time of a typical 75 year old driver (not on the phone). Whatever the number is, it is nowhere near 75. I voted 35-50, but with a bias toward the lower end of that range.
  4. Close enough. We both know Reagan would be considered a RINO now, absurd as that is.
  5. His favorite politician of all time is Ronald Reagan.
  6. Man, sounds like a great trip overall. Hope you enjoy being around the MIL! My FIL joined us in South Carolina for 2 weeks last fall. The first week was awesome.
  7. Their stats are actually very similar. As a Hardaway fan, I had deep hatred for what Jamal Mashburn did to that offense and team.
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