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  1. Most of those people are doing these things anyway. We've seen neighbors and family members host dinner parties (or post photos on FB from bars, restaurants, plane travel, family vacations in crowded places, etc) throughout the past 6 months. The reason we've had rampant spread is because the govt mandates don't work in the US. We have an individualistic-minded society, right or wrong, good or bad. It's part of what makes us the greatest nation on earth -- and 90% of the time that is great, 10% of the time it really sucks.
  2. Just had this conversation with my wife. She's on the board of our kids' school, so from time-to-time she shares school topics partly to (seemingly) test whether or not I'll get annoyed. She said something like "Yeah, everyone is really stressed out trying to assess all the different possibilities for school in the fall." My reply......failed whatever test she had for me: "Are they all morons? By fall, nobody is staying home from school. We'll have enough vaccines to give ever adult a shot by June or July, and kids basically barely get or transmit the virus. School is happening in th
  3. 1. Lots of white people I know are jumping the line. Plain and simple, they have more access to people who will "pull a favor" for them. White privilege. Except white people don't see it that way. 2. There have been articles about black people who (for good reason) don't trust the government. Tuskegee comes to mind, but let's all just admit that our govt hasn't historically been trustworthy for the black community. 3. Anecdotal, but my parents have some illegal hispanics who live a couple doors over. My dad is good friends with the husband, and he's mentioned that a bunch o
  4. Definitely a very CR moment. Also, the locals are usually right......except when they aren’t.
  5. I made the mistake of buying a large bag of M&Ms recently. It was gone in 3 days. Even after months without junk food like that in the house, I buy one bag and am right back in my old mode of operating. On the plus side, I tracked all the calories, but on the minus side it didn’t stop me from eating lots and lots of pure garbage. The key? I just can’t buy that crap and bring it into my house. Anyway, despite all that I’ve been doing more strength training, eating more protein, trying to add muscle and following a plan. My weight has stayed +/- 1 lb in the past few weeks
  6. Seriously, this was the wrong angle to take if you wanted sympathy from Myriam
  7. I remember being super nervous after going to a friend's engagement dinner (6 people total) the weekend that Chicago had widespread St. Patty's Day parties which gained national attention. And then finding out my friend and his future wife were getting tested for COVID two days later because they were super ill. It was terrifying. People in here rightly called me out for making a stupid decision (even though 99% of the country still hadn't accepted that we were locking down); and they were right to do that. So grateful for this thread and the people early on -- and throughout -- who
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