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  1. Seriously, this was the wrong angle to take if you wanted sympathy from Myriam
  2. I remember being super nervous after going to a friend's engagement dinner (6 people total) the weekend that Chicago had widespread St. Patty's Day parties which gained national attention. And then finding out my friend and his future wife were getting tested for COVID two days later because they were super ill. It was terrifying. People in here rightly called me out for making a stupid decision (even though 99% of the country still hadn't accepted that we were locking down); and they were right to do that. So grateful for this thread and the people early on -- and throughout -- who
  3. Yep. All of this. Friends, family & co-workers have all said in the past year, repeatedly "wow, how do you know so much about COVID" or "man, you were way ahead of the game on this way way back." And it was all because of this thread. Some amazing stuff from this group.
  4. That just sounds plain rational. It would be great if the US had that type of "ethic." I can't count the number of times I've been on a plane, seated next to someone sneezing, coughing, etc the entire flight. It's disgusting.
  5. Not familiar with the Willie Brown situation?
  6. I plan to wear a mask on mass transit and airplanes during flu season going forward, but also appreciate that others won't want to do that. And I'm fine with that.
  7. Kissing someone involves breathing the same air as them. Eating a piece of chicken on a plate doesn’t necessarily.
  8. Yes!!! Well done!!! Keep working at it. I have fond memories of running a 5K for a work fundraiser in 90-degree weather and burping up falafel the last 1.5 miles. Good times.
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