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  1. At worst they are in a 50-50 timeshare
  2. No disagreement. But I've yet to see two bubbles that are identical. The Fed is pumping massive amounts of money into the economy. Money is basically free. That is also artificial demand.
  3. Where would you put your money that is both safe and inflation-resistant?
  4. Thanks for sharing. It is definitely a market at a crossroads. Time will tell, but I appreciate you sharing your perspective. I enjoy thinking about this stuff.
  5. All the more reason to think it won’t last
  6. Sure. Fair. Our govt has proven the willingness to blow taxpayer money to incorrectly prop up asset prices.
  7. I don’t disagree. It wouldn’t shock me to see housing prices keep going up for awhile. Ultimately I don’t see it as sustainable, but understand why other folks might.
  8. Depends on whether we will keep getting 10 marbles every week/month/year (whatever timeframe you are talking about in this terrible analogy), and whether there will only be 6 pieces of candy for perpetuity.
  9. Yep. Still in a bubble. Now would be a horrible time to buy.
  10. Well, maybe he doesn’t want to be cut next year. Maybe that lack of control re his future is frustrating to him. That wouldn’t be crazy IMO.
  11. Yeah, 19 touches per game so far is terrible. Most people probably have a superior RB option just sitting on their bench or available via waivers.
  12. About 1/8 the size of the Christine Michael thread when it died
  13. Yeah. In the 2-min drill and on 3rd and long. Which is the only time he’s really in the game.
  14. Right. Just like Robert Wagner and Natalie Wood.
  15. Me neither. That said, Gibson had 23 touches last week. Seems like good usage.
  16. Superior by how much? Do you factor Stevenson's fumbling problem into his redzone prowess?
  17. A monster? They don't sound like monsters, they just sound like relatively dumb people.
  18. Fragile Fred Taylor was nothing compared to this guy
  19. Article from Israel on COVID vaccines waning….not any data really…. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.politico.com/amp/news/2021/09/14/covid-israel-data-vaccine-efficacy-511777
  20. Right. But they also were "taking it seriously" including wiping down groceries.....but were unvaxxed....and went to an indoor water park. It just sounds like random behavior all over the place.
  21. Did Bloom have an explanation? Seriously, for him to be droppable there has to be a back story.
  22. Guy I play tennis with has kids age 11 and 9. He and his wife are both vaccinated (Pfizer), of course kids are not eligible to be vaccinated yet. Both kids got COVID over a week ago - they found out because of weekly random testing for school. Symptoms were close to zero. Both kids are completely fine. Friend and wife have both tested negative twice. Good to see vaccines holding up AND most kids continuing to be predominantly asymptomatic.
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