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  1. It took me a bit to get comfortable "fanning" the cards out but I've got it down now. Love this wallet and would recommend to anyone. Thank you for all the replies, I'm extremely happy.
  2. My wife had an accident that has kept me away for a while (she's ok, will make a full recovery) but this is what I ended up going with. Ordered the gunmetal aluminum because it was the same price and I thought it looked cool. It's on the truck for delivery today and once I check it out, I'll come back and let you all know what I think.
  3. Thanks for the reply all. Now to decide between all the suggestions.
  4. I'm currently using a traditional single fold wallet but want to try something slimmer like one of those moneyclip/card holder combos. I've seen a few fancy ads on my Facebook feed but wanted to get some input from you guys. Anyone have a wallet they love and would suggest? I'd like to keep it below $100 but I think that should still give me most options. Thanks!!!
  5. The only one close is Frosted Flakes. All others are in the minor leagues.
  6. I was considering Trump in 2016 but changed my mind based on some of the stuff I saw as to what a #### human he was. Mocking the disabled reporter was all I needed to see to know I'd never vote for him.
  7. For the first time since I've been of age to vote, I voted for a democratic candidate for POTUS. Go Joe. 2000 - Bush 2004 - Bush 2008 - McCain 2012 - Johnson 2016 - Johnson 2020 - Biden
  8. Everyone is working from home now but we used to have the same thing. Although, it's a huge PITA to get your flu shot at work but then still have to go somewhere to take your kid in.
  9. I had some stomach issues for a couple days after getting the shot and a sore arm but that's about it.
  10. I said "yes" to the second question but only because my son's BFF comes over quite a bit. We live 5 houses apart and I know both of his parents are working from home, their kids are doing school remote, and they're isolating to the same standards we are (instacart for shopping, doordash or drive through if they want to order out, only public activities are outdoor activities like hiking or biking, etc...). We also have a weekly "social distancing" get together in some other friends back yard. They have a giant back yard with a 240" projector screen where we've been doing things like movie
  11. My son and I got ours last week. He got to put in his yearly, "put it in my right arm please, so I can use it as an excuse to not write in school tomorrow" joke.
  12. I keep my keys and wallet in the junk drawer!
  13. The only stealth kills I've done are the ones you HAVE to do as part of the story. I'm going full samurai on this one! Loving the game so far (I'm in act 2). I normally get very bored with these mapf$#@ games but I'm really enjoying this one. In addition to being a very fun combat system, the game is stunningly gorgeous. Ghost is easily my GOTY. Edited to add: My wife always seems to walk in right when I'm getting into a hotspring. She was like WTF the first few times but eventually started playing the game herself and realized what it was.
  14. Yesterday KanilJr (9yo, holy #### how did that happen?) was getting dressed for the day. He came downstairs with his hair parted down the middle and slicked down. KanilJr - I look like a total dork. MrsKanil - You know, that's not normally a word used to describe a good look. KanilJr - It is in this family!! Me&MrsKanil - KanilJr - Seriously, have you seen you guys? I wasn't sure whether he was insulting me or complimenting me.
  15. We have a 1 year old dog that has a lot of energy. With all of us at home, he's constantly wanting attention of some sort. My wife was getting a little annoyed with him when I had to run out and pickup my nephew from his essential worker job (Qdoba). As I was putting my shoes on, my wife says "take the butthole with you" (meaning the dog) but I, as any real dad worth his salt would do, look at my son and say, "You heard her, lets go". He gives a "haha" and then we leave to get in the car. As we're getting into the car, I ask him to go get the dog. Conversation starts from there: Me:
  16. Not at all for me. I may have to furlough or layoff some of the people that work under me but I don't see my job being effected. We're part of the national security apparatus that can't slow/shut down.
  17. Got down to our last 6 rolls (in a 4 person household) and bought 24 yesterday. The bad news is it was store brand. The good news is I put he 6 good rolls under my bathroom sink... the kids can use Kroger brand!
  18. You only need enough on board to operate the drones. The rest comply or get STRIKED!!!!
  19. I chose, "other" and can fix this in 3 weeks. Everyone is to remain indoors for 21 days. Anyone that goes outside gets a drone strike. Boom, done.
  20. I've always had the option to work from home but really only use it if my kid is home sick or for like a teacher planning day (my wife is a teacher and has to work those). I don't enjoy it as much but that could be because I always have a kid whining about wanting to be fed or whatever you're supposed to do to keep kids alive.
  21. I used to have a 45-55 minute commute (depending on traffic) and was fine with it. Got a lot of books on tape and that made the drive fly by. The only drawback was seeing my wife/kid a couple hours less a day but it sounds like that wouldn't really be the case with you as they're with your ex on your workdays. I'd say go for it.
  22. I promise to still come to you with all my stupid weather related questions, and to make fun of you for answering them. Nerd. Edit to add: If I had any type of evidence at all, I'd sue the #### out of the company. If I didn't want to sue them, I'd make sure to file an official complaint with HR about it and have all that documented.
  23. This. Don't give reasons as they'll either A: be argued and you'll have to defend your position, or B: could be used against you in some sort of discrimination suit.
  24. Forgot to post. This was incredible. We (Mrs. Kanil, KanilJr, and myself) were out that Saturday/Sunday at Vail and then played hookie Monday and hit up Keystone (shorter drive back). Might be the best weekend I've ever had ski wise. I read either in the newspaper or on the Vail website and they said this was one of the top 5 snow events in the history of the resort. What a great year to live in CO!
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