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  1. PPR league.... S. Watkins @ Den. Watkins has been coming on lately...but there are a lot of mouths to feed. D. Thomas vs KC. Thomas has been getting the targets, but KC pass defense is bad and Den has to throw to keep up. Which one am I playing.... Thanks!
  2. My thoughts exactly! At one point in the second half I thought Woodhead must have been injured. Then he comes in on the last two drives has 6+ catches and scores 2 TDs. WHY DONT THEY USE HIM ALL GAME!!!!!!
  3. I asked him and he said "shell out the $20 to find out." Im a premium member and I cant seem to find his rankings. I even search the articles. Can you help a fellow member out to find his rankings?
  4. Every year Howard tries to stick to a 4 hour show...and it never holds up. At least he is still broadcasting! I dont care if he only does 3 days a week...I dont care if he takes off one week a month....as long as he is still on the air.
  5. Mine was in the early 90s when he came to LA. I still remember the ad they put in the Sports section of the LA Times.
  6. Seriously. Gilbert was out of control....which gave Artie the impression he could go biserk. It was a total mess. BUT...Artie and Lou going at it was hilarious!
  7. So he works more hours than her in one week than she does in a year and hes being hypocritical....I dont get it.
  8. I don't know any specifics of his deal with sirius but if it involved any stock incentives he's going to need to keep shilling. The price has dropped down to 60 cents a share.First off...I dont think hes lost interest at all. I just think hes getting older and is at a point in his career where he has the power to take time off when he wants. I dont fault him at all. Hes been getting up at 4:30 am for what 20+ years now...give the man a break.Secondly...those companies arent paying HIM...they are paying Sirius.
  9. I dont get the rational to this statement...why on earth would they lose subscribers over this? They aired it twice...West Coast and East Coast feed and decided that it was enough. Out of respect for Artie and his meltdown, Howard decided not to replay it over and over again. I doubt this will be on Howard TV also...at least not til after the vacation and Howard can talk to Artie. I respect that.
  10. I wish someone would tally the amount of days Artie worked on the show the past year. Over/Under 160?Considering they work 4 days/week for less than 52 weeks, I'll take the under. Easiest friggin job in history Actually they get 10 weeks off a year, so it is 42 weeks. So he is starting from a base of 168.Wow, hack off weekday holidays and they really dont work much huh.At least he is still on. Id rather have Howard half the year than not at all....
  11. I can listen to this all day! In fact, I have been. I cant wait to hear the first time Howard and Robin were on the air together...then when Fred came along. Im loving this!
  12. Have you seen her before? She is insanly hot IMO!
  13. What projections/rankings do you guys use for the Draft Dominator? In looking at the rankings for my DD comapred with the overall rankings on the site, and there are a lot of discrepencies. I know my league uses different scoring system, but its not that dfferent. My league uses 1 point per 10 yards rushing and receiving with 6 points for TDs instead fo every 20 yards....and 1 point per 25 for passing with 6 points per td and -2 for ints instead of 20 4 and -1. Basically whos rankings/projections are used? Thanks.
  14. I downloaded DD to my desktop last year and used it in 2 different drafts. I really liked it and plan on using it again this year. The question: Do I have to download DD again or can I simply update my current DD and the new applications will automatically be updated on my current DD? Thanks in advance!
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